Facts check please

Fiji’s Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem claimed that the 83.9 per cent turn-out of voters was a record but this doesn’t match the facts. The turn out in 2006 was higher. Many electorates in 2006 had turn-outs of over 90% but the they might have had lower valid votes. The greater simplicity of the voting system obviously made it easier to make valid votes than the system of preference and racially separated constituencies. Saneem also said “every voter had one vote and all votes had equal value” but, as Wadan Narsey pointed out, this doesn’t apply to the voters who voted for Labour, PDP or the independents. Their votes counted for nothing. If Labour and PDP had joined forces they might have had a couple of MPs.

Fiji Times September 24,2014 A tick for voters

One Response to “Facts check please”

  1. KB Says:

    I think the 84% turn out was good….considering that there was no transportation provided for voters as in previous election, and that it was a one day election

    As for the rules for this election…it was imposed on us, however, we did decide to contest this election…under these rules and so we should not be complaining now after the fact.

    Unless there is a gripe about vote rigging…..we can’t complain now that we lost.

    We should seriously look at what we did wrong and now is the time to start working on what next.

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