Now for the rest of democracy

The UK Minister for Asia-Pacific, Hon Hugo Swire has called on the newly elected Government to go all the way with democracy. Swire said:”the next few weeks will be crucial to see whether Fiji will support all elements of democracy including more media freedom.” Kiwi academic, Dr Jon Frankel, has urged Frank to be magnanimous: “In stronger democracies than Fiji, after an election the new prime minister makes a magnanimous speech recognising or acknowledging the concerns of those who voted for the opposition, and promising to represent the interests of not only those who voted for him or her, but also those who did not.”  To the vanquished Dr Frankel says:”With humility, the leader of the largest unsuccessful party acknowledges the defeat, and in so doing charts a course for building a new stronger opposition over the years ahead.”

Fiji Live September 2014 UK hopes for full democracy

Fiji Times 22 September 2014 Reflecting on the 2014 General Election

One Response to “Now for the rest of democracy”

  1. Happy BDay Aiyaz Says:

    Happy Birthday Aiyaz S Khaiyum sworn in on your birthday after pulling off a hat trick at the elections.

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