Opposition parties ready to cooperate

NFP and SODELPA have declared that they are ready to work constructively with the new government. They want to see the long list of Decrees put into law without a Parliament discussed by elected representatives so that the voices of the people they represent can be heard. This will be the test of Bainimarama’s Government’s commitment to democracy.

Fiji Times September 23, 2014 Party plans to seek amendments

5 Responses to “Opposition parties ready to cooperate”

  1. KB Says:

    Couple of days ago, I wrote here on FDN

    “If someone is kicked out from the party, then the next guy on the ranking list from that party for this election becomes a MP.

    So for example Khaiyum does not like one of the guys from his party in parliament, but wants the last guy on the candidate list to get in – all he has to do is expel one of the MPs and he gets his guy in. And the guy who got kicked out – can go appeal to the high court..good luck with that.

    Say he wants someone who is way down the list – all he has to do is get the others on the list above him to say that they are no longer available to serve – and he gets his guy in parliament….so theoretically he can get anyone on his list of 50 candidates in Parliament. ..so all those Fiji First MPs – they better stay in line.

    It was all planned.”

    Bye Bye Doc Luveni, with 2200 votes, welcome Laisenia Bale Tuitubou with 800 votes.

    1 man 1 vote 1 value….yeah right.

  2. KB Says:

    Oh and by the way, Tuitobou….the next Minister of Works etc…right.

  3. mukesh Says:

    Watching debate between Bainimarama and Ro Taimumu, and now Ro Taimumu is leader of opposition, Bainimarama will be laughing. What a weak leader who cannot substantiate her claims during the debate.
    Racist and back biting paid off for Ro…..

  4. LOSALINI Says:

    I don’t know about you but I am tired of hearing Bainimarama constantly calling the opposition parties “liars”. He really believes that the others are lying and he is the one telling the trugh. So demeaning, childish and stupid. Vakamadua sara ga to have such an idiot for PM.

  5. archiebald newton Says:

    The lady has put Baini at the right place with her comments: ……… ” As the PM act like one and do not use verandah kind of language”

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