Pay-back time is here

When Bainimarama vows to ‘streamline’ the civil service he means he’s going to ruthlessly purge anyone suspected of not being a Bainimarama loyalist. When he says “the days of pandering to special interest groups, elites and certain  areas of the country are over” he means he’s going to punish every group that voted against him. Chiefs and villages that stood against against him will no longer be equal citizens – they will be targets for pay-back. Villages that didn’t declare for him were punished before the election. Now he’s won the election, he’ll really show them whose the boss.

FijiLive 21 September, 2014 PM promises to overhaul the civil service.

6 Responses to “Pay-back time is here”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Indeed FDN – that is precisely what he means. All the blogs are now experts in deciphering the sub-text of his veiled words having had 7-8 yrs experience.

    If citizens thought anything would change in regards to how Bainimarama leads, watch how his first 100 days of ‘legitimate’ (supposedly) power rolls out. It will be business as usual in the legally usurped dominion of Bainimarama & Khaiyum… everyone else in the pack are simply token stooges.

    Their approach in the first 8 years of illegal rule will simply be replicated for an additional 4 years. Only this time they’re apparently legitimised through the ballot box. Deja vu.

  2. Ratu meli vunivalu Bau USA Says:

    Hey bai keitou a oca vei iko ni bera na vei digidigi, please vukei keitou mai.

  3. prem Says:

    What a spin on PM’s speech by FDNB.

    I agree that the civil service needs to be reformed. They need to know that they serve the people.

    I have seen a decline in their attitude since 87.

  4. KB Says:

    No Prem, I agree with the FDN observation. I remember there was a village in Lautoka that had some funds withheld because the chief was not supporting the regime and he got a official letter that told him so.

    So there will be payback time…..and we have seen that pattern of behavior before.

    By the way….what happens when there there is payback time for you….already have your visa?

    That crap about ’87…you guys, specially those who migrated post ’87, you will never “forgive” the Fijians for ’87 and 2000 etc. and that is why the resentment.

  5. Tomasi Says:

    I humbly suggest that if Voreqe is really serious about being a national leader, let alone be an effective manager of public resources and people, he should commit to educate himself in the appropriate disciplines of management. It is easy to lie your way into a position of responsibility. It is extremely difficult to fulfill that role if one does not have the minimum qualifications required for that role. Advisers to Voreqe, such as Pio Tikoduadua are just as helpless as their leader. All of them need to expand their horizons and intellectual capacities. Experience is one thing, but it is not everything. A twenty year experience can simply mean a one year experience repeated twenty times. Many of the members of Parliament being elected are not well qualified for the roles. How can we expect them to deliver to the nation.

    This is why the Fiji civil service stipulates MQRs (minimum qualification requirements) in its various positions and departments. They are there to ensure the effectiveness, efficiency and the integrity of the whole public service. Since Rabuka’s treason, the Public Service has been seriously compromised by the appointments of unqualified people to various positions of leadership and responsibility. Nepotism becomes even more pronounced when a dictator assumes control.

    This is one of Voreqe’s legacy to Fiji. He not only appointed himself to various positions to manage portfolios which he does not know anything about. He did so for his senior military officers and loyal supporters, and even his own children. His brain did the same, all because of political expediency. The two have transformed Fiji into a little private family kingdom where only they decide what is best. The test will come when their Parliament sits to discuss affairs of the State. We the people of Fiji will watch as time unravels the secret matter of the heart of our rulers in the new kingdom of Bai and Khai.

    To our soldiers and naval personnel, please confine yourself to your roles for which you have been trained. You already have important roles to play in our national affairs. The nation is grateful to you for your faithfulness and devotion to your country. But should you aspire to join the other branches of the civil service, please train and educate yourself to qualify. You are free and welcome to be whatever you want to be. But please, do not for one moment think that because you are a soldier and a naval officer, you can appoint yourself to any position you want. Rabuka did do that. While he has done good by some standards, his overall score is negative. It is even worse for Voreqe. This idiot is not even qualified to go to Form 6. He messed up the RFMF as commander. The moron thinks he can run this country, and has destroyed Fiji over the last seven years. Wake up Fiji. There is a monkey at the wheel. You have been warned.

  6. archiebald newton Says:

    I fully agree with you Tomasi. The kind of language and attitude used by Bainimarama in his response to the Methodist Chuch and comments on “liars”in other political parties show that he still has a lot to learn with the transition from a dictatorship to a democracy. Again it underlines the lack of intellectual capacity of one occupying the prime minister position of our beloved nation of Fiji.In fact we all want the person in the position to be the best amongst us, so we can be proud when he speaks at the UN Assembly or other international forums.Unfortunately Bainimarama is the opposite where we hang our heads in shame whenever he is interviewed and appears on TV.

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