An ominous sign

Last week, the day before the election, Khaiyum gazetted Standing Orders for the new parliament and appointed key officials who would take charge of parliament affairs. The Standing Orders should be approved by the parliament, and the officers who will run the business of Parliament should be appointed by Parliament, so this step gives an ominous warning that Parliament will be treated as a rubber stamp for Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

FijiLive September 17, 2014 Fiji standing orders gazetted

8 Responses to “An ominous sign”

  1. kainoqu Says:

    This was coming and the hint was given when the regime said that it was going to produce the report of public finances after the election! We all knew it was setup to get their unlawful expenses shoved down people’s throat without question and the election has just given them the go ahead for that. At least people know that by voting Baikhai to rule they were agreeing to pay all their debts and expenses during the last 8 years or do they not? I suppose the standing orders has been crafted out with careful consideration of the composition of Baikhai’s animal farm house. Interestingtimes ahead in that house. We shall see!

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    The dictatorial MO pre-elections continues.

  3. tualeita Says:

    I, and everyone for that matter, should now gear up for a tax hike, and a hike in the costs of everything, for payment of debts incurred in the last eight years.

  4. KB Says:

    Well how else are we going to pay for the debts. Now you pay for it in high taxes and inflation.
    Sure, the economy may do a bit better – hopefully, but where will the rest of the money come from:

    Below is our external debt in $Millions. Look at 2012 and 2013 – that is what we used to pay for all the freebies. And 2011 looks good because we sold some of our best producing assets.

    2004 127
    2005 196
    2006 365
    2007 380
    2008 391
    2009 536
    2010 555
    2011 259
    2012 686
    2013 780

  5. Tomasi Says:

    Yes Folks. The circus continues in Voreqe’s cassava republic. What else do people expect?. Sorry Fiji. This parliament must, of necessity, be the ultimate showground, to gain legitimacy and respectability for our “new” rulers. A change of attire for the emperor and his magicians. Old rulers, new dress. Nothing substantive changes. This show is now being promoted and marketed to the farthest corners of the earth.

    Voreqe has zipped off to the UN to declare his change of uniform and declare where his Kiro will be sailing to in the next four years, come cyclones, droughts, poverty, debts, floods, financial meltdowns, ISIS, and international chaos.

    The Band was playing at the President’s Mansion during oath taking. What was that about, a solemn ceremony, with a band playing? That is celebration at its very best, the KhaiBai model. Watch all the bands and public displays rolling out to seal the public’s perception of their new rulers. Surely they are very happy that they are spared their prison sentences. It not the election, its their get out of jail card.

    High scores to QORVIS. Very well scripted and executed election fraud. Next is Parliament, both the preliminaries and first sitting. More monkeys shall join the circus now. Who says the Parliament will make the laws. Nope, it is the honourable monkey brain Khai who will decide. Just as he and his shadows have been doing for the last 7 years. Welcome aboard folks. We are now firmly and surely off to Cassava Land on the ship HMS Kiro, under the captaincy of Voreqe and his chief mate Khai. Remember your survival kits. They will come in handy.

  6. Batileka Says:

    Make no mistake Brothers… That Land Bank was created so that it can be used a security for these loans. What else will Fiji do. The Sale of Government Assests planned for 2014 has not even eventuated…lols. Big Shit!! Keep Voting FF…lol.

  7. Tomasi Says:

    @Batileka, your issue about the Land Bank is both interesting and worth consideration. The Land Bank is one of the regime’s most valuable instruments for achieving their financial, economic and business schemes. All commercial activities need a physical location, except in cyberspace. They can make millions out of these native land because once the land is under their control, it becomes available for open market operations and under the table deals. After all, why would land already under a well established organisation such as the NLTB be transferred to a unit under the control of a single politician and PM?

    My guess is that because of the volume and complexity of the debt they have amassed over the last 7 years, they need to find a way to repay them. They cannot request refinancing from other financial entities either here or offshore because the whole truth might be revealed and known to third parties. So they are forced to introduce a system where only they can handle and control without the people knowing about it. Hence the Land Bank and its very perculiar decree.

    Remember, of the whole Mataqali or landowning unit, no one can have the sole say on the use and control of their land. The whole family of families will have to meet and discuss and agree. But with the Land Bank, only one person, a politician, and non member of the Mataqali has the sole power and control over that same piece of land. The PM can unilaterally determine the terms and conditions of lease, and does not have to consult nor obtain the approval of the landowners once he has received the 60% consent of the landowners.

    One can say that is absolutely incredible? Others may cry “That is Daylight robbery!!” Call it what you like, they do not really care. Now who on earth would conceive such a decree? What kind of mind and character would do such a thing? Well, look no further than the two most powerful men throughout our islands of Fiji. Khaiyum and Bai, now Hon Khai and Hon Bhai, the two leaders whom our people have voted into parliament to decide Fiji’s future. If the Land Bank is an illustration of their devious and malicious character, then tell me what can the people expect from them in the next four years?

    Again let me say, Welcome to the new Fijiana Republic folks.

  8. Tomasi Says:

    Please note that Khaiyum did what he did at the Parliament one day before the elections. The question is why?

    Why would he do that when he knew very well that Parliament was yet to be convened and that when the necessary decision shall be made?

    What made him so bold and confident to decide what only a Parliament can decide?

    Why can’t Khaiyum wait just 15 more days and did something which he was not authorised to do?

    Was he trying to tell the nation something by doing what he did?

    Here are my observations:

    1. He knew his party would win the election.
    2. he knew his party would win the election by an overwhelming majority.
    3. He knew that his power and authority over the last 7 years shall now be formalised, legalised and legitimised in the new Parliament yet to be voted in.
    4. Because the votes were yet to be concluded and counted, how could Khaiyum be so sure about the three above?

    5. They controlled every aspect of the election process and its results. They had a script and they executed it so well that even the lawyers and the doctors and professors in the other parties did not even have a clue until it was too late. The whole country played to the music of the pied piper from Kiuva according to the music script provided by Khaiyum his shadows and the infamous QORVIS criminals and their associates.

    Conclusion: Khaiyum knew they would win even before the elections began.

    For those who doubted us over the last two years, please rewing the CD of the election system and process and see the dots, and now you can connect all of them. But while it is useful to review our past and learn lessons from it, we must now use that insight and examine unfolding events as they occur. Last week, I had suggested that we watch the formation of the Cabinet and the strategic positions. Now we can see the Cabinet being announced. Wait for the President’s position and others. Please observe the dots, connect them and SEE WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING IN THE KINGDOM OF KHAIYUM AND HIS MONKEY VOREQE. They want to have absolute control over all people and resources, and they will succeed if we do not stop them. Vinaka

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