Cheating and transparency

Have we ever had an election without allegations of cheating? This time all 5 parties have made the accusations but the multinational observers have apparently said it was all done in accordance with the rules.

Khaiyum is without doubt the most despised man in the country but is it beyond belief that all the media exposure provided by the Fiji Sun and radio regime under the control of his brother did not give 12K out of hundreds of thousands the idea that he’s Mr Magic?

What we need is some transparency. Let’s see where all the votes that were supposed to be made in favour of a regime and constitution built on foundations of treason were actually cast. But we can’t rule out the depressing thought that 7 years of dictatorship, with controlled media and exercising the power of government with a constitution that forgives in advance any lawbreaking they might undertake, has done the trick for them.

Let’s not forget when Parliament first meets his get out of jail card free expires. From then on he’ll have to be careful and he’ll no longer be able to get what he wants simply by ordering people to break the law.

10 Responses to “Cheating and transparency”

  1. Navosavakadua Says:

    Has anyone seen the constitution of FijiFirst Party? What are the governance arrangements for this party? If it can expel MPs who don’t toe the line it’s important to know how decisions are made and accountability is exercised.

  2. KB Says:

    It is a movement, not a party.
    All the candidates were chosen by Khaiyum and Bai.

    The Fiji constitution says that a political party can expel one of its MPs as party member, but it has to be done according to the rules of the political party relating to discipline.

    So I guess you want to know what the rules are for FFP?

    BTW – if Pravin Bala is convicted, and if that conviction can get someone in jail for 12 months – then based on that conviction he can no longer be a candidate – and as such he can no longer be a MP – I give you one guess as to what you think would be the ruling in the Bala case.

    If anyone violates the law in relation to elections – they have to resign. Now….did Frank and others honestly declare their assets etc – if they did not, it is a violation of a law in relation to elections.
    But do we have a court that would convict there guys.

    BTW – MPs cannot cross the floor and join the opposition or the other way.

    If someone is kicked out from the party, then the next guy on the ranking list from that party for this election becomes a MP.

    So for example Khaiyum does not like one of the guys from his party in parliament, but wants the last guy on the candidate list to get in – all he has to do is expel one of the MPs and he gets his guy in. And the guy who got kicked out – can go appeal to the high court..good luck with that.

    Say he wants someone who is way down the list – all he has to do is get the others on the list above him to say that they are no longer available to serve – and he gets his guy in parliament….so theoretically he can get anyone on his list of 50 candidates in Parliament. all those Fiji First MPs – they better stay in line.

    It was all planned.

  3. ObserversObserver937 Says:

    It`s all a setup…this election.From the supervisor to it`s followers.They keep in contact by mobile phones to see through their plan. This election was rigged from day one. A strategy was put in place to get that cutting edge. Ask those who were turned away from polling booths and those who got buying favors from govt indirectly. Could we have receipts please, somebody 😉 p.s what exactly are those foreign observers on the election observing?I bet if I walk past them with a stolen case of fiji Gold beer,they`ll be still observing…lol.

  4. Keep The Faith Says:

    The observers were merely in Fiji for a tan and to pad up their CVs for the next undeveloped country they could next pounce on that can then expand their country’s influence.

    During the recount of quarantined boxes one of them was too busy tweeting and checking emails and was questioned by a party agent as to what kind of ‘observations’ they were making at that time.

  5. Joe Black Says:

    so much bullshit just accept the common peoples choice and run with it all this negative and cloak and dagger is just grog bowl bull coming from no school

  6. Keep The Faith Says:

    The ‘common people’ are surely thanking you guys profusely (not) for water rationing even tho your promise of free water is an empty promise based on something that does not exist. And on this one you cannot hide behind El Nino which was a laughable cop out in the first place.

  7. ObserversObserver937 Says:

    @Joe Black… are u that dumb and gullible on the transparency of the whole election? Unless of course…u r Khaiyub or his puppets .Corruption must NOT breed in Fiji. It`s live and well on day 1 doopee. Ask those who worked at the polling booths? Where`s their pay? There scared to come out into the open to voice their opinion and so is the majority of voters who voted for you lot.They were bought through favors. That in itself is corruption. They will be under paid if left for too long, watch.
    We will NOT throw money into a country with sneaky regimes. The whole process is deemed invalid. Peoples choice your …

  8. gone with the wind Says:

    It’s about time all you negative people just accept the fate, keep the faith and move on to greener pastures…it’s so much better here, no katch katch, just get up in the middle of dawn, go to work ,come back home after it gets dark, and get paid well so that you can pay the big bills to leave you nothing in the pocket till next payday…but it’s good, because you don’t have to hear the words CHAUDHARY,QARASE, BOREGE, AIYAZ et al on a daily basis

  9. KB Says:

    OK, so was there vote rigging or not..and even if there was, was it at such a massive scale to have made the difference?

    There are folks complaining on Fijileaks about the D’Hondt system – that it cheated us…..sorry folks, but you should have thought about it before you decided to participate in this election – what if you would have won, would you be still complaining.
    Sure, idiots like Asheel Sudhakar are now getting into parliament with a lot less votes…but we knew that all along.

    The question now is where do we go from here.

    1. If we still believe that the election was rigged – are we willing to boycott parliament. Remember, we believed that this this constitution was imposed upon us, but we still participated in the election. Based on that mentality, we will be going to parliament and becoming the opposition.

    2. In parliament, we won’t be able to amend the constitution nor this electoral system – so we will participate in the next election under the same rules…and they can rig the election again.

    3. Maybe we are hoping this this government screw up big time and people will vote for us next time…yeah right.

    Time to rethink and regroup.

    Let us look inwards and see what we did wrong. The SODELPA election campaign sucked… a people we can do better. It is time to move away from Ethno-Nationalism if we are to win a election.

    Fijians need fresh. new, young, leadership – people who are willing to move more to the center.

    Some 40% of the Fijians did not vote for SODELPA – how come? And no Indian voted for SODELPA.

    Looking at some numbers – the idiot Pravin Bala got about the same number of votes as Rt Naiqama Lalabalavu (considering that Frank took away a lot of Bala’s votes and Kepa did not take away as much as Rt Naiqama’s votes), Rt Naiqama did pretty bad and Rt Suliano’s numbers were pathetic considering him being a chiefs and a former minister in SDL and all that. And Tupeni Baba – the man would would have liked to be the party leaders – he got around 1000 votes so far – same league as Rosy Akbar, Ashneel Sudhakar, Veen Bhatnagar and them. The point here is that how come we did not see this before the election – that the likes of Baba need to go.

    We have had this underlying intra-Fijian conflict. And there always will be that conflict. The party that will win elections is one that forges an alliance with the Indians. Like the Alliance party of the 70s which used to get about 30% of the Indian votes.

    SODELPA, SVT or SDL and the like – they will never be able to work with the Indians.

    It is time to form a non-racial political movement…..and no, FijiFirst is not that.

    The GCC – it was the Rabuka’s coup (the military) that changed the GCC to the hereditary body that it was till recently and its role changed since 1990 constitution. Should we bring back the GCC – There is a middle ground between just not having a GCC or having it as it was at the time Bainimarama suspended it.

    Time to rethink this one. Do we really want the GCC to dominate parliament as it did post 1990 with 20 plus members in the senate, and they vote on the President and the vice president.
    Whereas it is mostly commoners who are elected to the house of representative.

    Fiji as Christian state – it was Mahatma Gandhi who said something like, “my religious faith is a private matter between me and my god”…that is how it should be.

    Do we really need a state religion in a country with such a diverse population. Again to win an election you must appeal to people of different religious faiths – and pushing for state religion will not win you an election.

    QoliQoli – here again there is middle ground but we have to win an election first.

    There are about 300,000 Fijian voters – and they are split – as we saw in this election – 60/40.

    There are 200,000 Indian voters and they voted 85% FFP..a higher percentage than the vote FLP got when Labour got into power. Mainly because there was no other decent alternative – they would not go with SODELPA and Chaudhry had aligned himself with SODELPA.

    So do the math….either you get the Fijians united, which seems highly unlikely, if not impossible or you work with the Indians….and SODELPA, SDL. SVT type of a party will not get the required Indian support that Alliance was able to get.

    and then, there is always that other alternative…..get a ethno-nationalist type to pull another coup……but do you really want to live in that kind of society?

    Start today…..get a new new multi-racial movement going.

  10. Tomasi Says:

    @KB, let’s not try and deduce a lot from the election figures. Your analysis is useful but it is based on the assumption that the process was sound. I do not think so because it is not so. Trying to draw conclusions from the results of a process that is fundamentally flawed is a waste to energy. But your efforts to help us learn lessons from the same is applauded. Vinaka

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