Where to from here?

Bainimarama appointed himself Prime Minister without the benefit of an election and waited 7 years before calling an election to test his selection with voters, but the constitution he imposed without any input from the community has now been endorsed by the voters.

Decrees which were imposed without consent will now be passed into law in a Parliament controlled by Bainimarama. Many of these include his standard provision denying access to legal appeal of decisions by cabinet and ministers.

With Parliament in place there will be an opportunity to debate unless Bainimarama uses his numbers in parliament to gag debate. We need to note here Section 63 of the Constitution which gives Bainimarama power over his MPs by allowing him to sack from Parliament any member who “votes contrary to any direction issued by the political party” or is expelled from the political party.

Will Bainimarama use these powers to govern as he did as an unelected leader? Will he seek to punish all who voted against him? (And the electoral system makes it easy to identify villages and districts who did.) Will he purge civil servants suspected of disloyalty?

11 Responses to “Where to from here?”

  1. kainoqu Says:

    One can say that the nation, particularly the Fiji First camp is still enjoying the spoils of the first election after 7 years. Fiji will slowly sober up from this and will gradually make sense of what it has got itself into! Interesting to see what reactions will arise when the nation’s true financial position is finally understood by the people. And moreso how will they live with the practical reality of the 2013 constitution as it dictates the democracy that Baikai have forcefully imposed on Fiji. It is an interesting journey that Fiji is now just beginning and we shall be watching with interest from here on in.

  2. Standing Orders Says:

    The Standing Orders of Parliament printed by Aiyaz on Tuesday will reveal the answer FDN. Fiji has voted for Treason. The leader they chose is a reflection of the majority within its society. Lawless. No morality.

  3. KB Says:

    Interesting reading, the rigging of the Pakistani election last year and the concerns about the Malaysian election rigging also last year.

    I wonder how come our boys didn’t get any ideas from these two elections……..Naa……nai sake.

    Free and Fair….Fiji First….Frank…..and a few other “F” words I can think of.

    But just like we put up with this regime for 8 years, is more likely than not that we will put of with them for another four.

    The observers said the election was credible….NZ, AU, US, India and Chinese – they will all accept the election results and welcome the new democracy….and next time honourable Bainimarama visits NZ…how many gun salute do you think they will give him and a former military man.

    We deserve the government we get.

    BTW – the Vishwa Hindu Parishad….that is the HIndu nationalists…they got in at least four members in our new parliament – that is 8%, and they only started their organization in Fiji last year….Jao Ho.

  4. LOSALINI Says:

    over 60% fijians voted for FFP because they were won over by the freebies. this was already obvious before elections when people were being interviewed and almost all said they will vote FFP because of the free education, free bus fare, free medical, free electricity and water and most of all equal citizenry. Now, let’s see how this government will pay for all these freebies and if the indo-fijians will feel more secure under the new equal citizenry they have been promised.

  5. Keep The Faith Says:

    Let’s step back a bit & examine the ‘provisional’ results a little logically.

    Every person in Fiji had a faint suspicion that the polls would be rigged but not in an as audaciously confrontational manner as this.

    Are we expected to swallow the fact that Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum the most detested man in this country across the races scored approx 12K votes over the votes of NFP, FLP & PDP? And Bainimarama has achieved such cult status that against all odds as predicted by political pundits, the Fiji Fist party has provisionally won enough seats guaranteeing them as the majority plus some? We are supposed to naively accept that coincidentally the top 26 FF candidates have all cabinet portfolios covered and demographics covered?

    Surely we’re all not sleep walking in this country? The multinational observer parachute CV fluffing group can perhaps just exit out of holiday mode in the tropics because their ‘provisional’ point of view is questionable and flies in the face of realities being projected by the opposition political parties who are now rallying together raising the alarm about discrepancies in the so called ‘free and fair’ process.

    If the observer group was so confident of their patronizing pronouncements of expedience, why then are fully uniformed and armed soldiers parading around in full public view (there are a multitude of witnesses), while the vote count is in progress?

  6. recheck Says:

    Did Mick Beddoes get any vote ?

  7. Navosavakadua Says:

    Has anyone seen the constitution of FijiFirst Party? What are the governance arrangements for this party? If it can expel MPs who don’t toe the line it’s important to know how decisions are made and accountability is exercised.

  8. kainoqu Says:

    The journey that Fiji is taking right now did not only start at the polls. It began from the abrogation of the 1997 constitution! Not following the 2009 court ruling and going ahead to form his dictatorial government has resulted in all that the country is putting up with right now! The nation was hoodwinked into agreeing on national charter for building a better Fiji that resulted a worse off Fiji. The figures who were used to trumpet that have since been sidelined. Then came a con to review the constitution that only resulted in the burning of a draft that was put together by experts and carried the submissions of the people. The final outcome – the enforcement of a Baikai constitition that imposed far reaching immunity for criminals! And then came the con to legitimise the Baikai rule. It was marketed as a democratic election but never featured any element of that sort. It attracted enthusiam from political opponents who saw it as an opportunity to set the record straight and get Fiji back on track. The rhetoric of a free and fair election was tossed around as a bribe to woo people to partcipate in what is clearly an unfree and unfair process. The election decree that was manufactured for the purpose and the stage-managed processes linked to it explains it all! If that is not annoying enough, the con is even more insulting when the figure initiating legimisation of the unlawful regime is also the figure overseeing the election that will legitimise their unlawful rule. Rubbing salt into the wound – all (including their campaign and garbage bin, sewing machine etc bribes) – at no cost to them but the tax payer. The question is: does Fiji really deserve to get the government it gets after all this?

  9. Tomasi Says:

    Generally, people always see whatever they want to see. Only a few people will be able to decipher the truth and see beyond the veil of lies, deceit, deception and propaganda. The first is natural, while the second requires a logical mind, clear thinking and a pure heart.

    It is so sad that many of our citizens have been victims of the first kind. They suffer from the Stockholm syndrome, after more than 7 years of propaganda and mind control, coupled with a vicious and subtle scheme of intimidation, violence, coercion, psychological manipulation and a constant bombardment of lies and deception of the worst kind Fiji has ever experienced.

    The irrrefutable truth is that Voreqe and Khaiyum are two proud, arrogant, deceitful and dangerous evil men. They have blatantly controlled this country and committed unspeakable crimes. They have never told us the truth, yet they continue to lead a mass of cult followers who are satisfied with the free bread and music like the pied piper of Hamlin. Just like that pied piper story, the people are so mesmerised that they followed the piper to their deaths without realizing it. I surely hope and pray that the truth will be fully revealed and that the BaiKhai cult followers can be rescued in time before it is too late.

  10. KB Says:

    You can have your own opinions, but you can’t have your own facts.

    Here are some facts:

    1. Appointment of Mohammed , a relative of Khaiyum and some one who did not have the required qualifications for position when it was first advertised, as the Supervisor of Election.

    2. No exit Exit Polling Ban allowed as per decree

    3. EU Observers Mission denied permission to send Team to Fiji independent of the MOG.

    4. No serial numbers on Ballot Papers contrary to Electoral Decree

    5. No Polling Stations Returns with Reconciliation of Ballots, Invalid Votes, etc

    6. Lack of Transparency in Count Process

    7. Unexplained stoppage in Count for 13 hours from 3 am Thursday 18 September

    8. Count Table from Fiji village website removed.

    9. SOE refusing to release Electronic Voter Roll for 591,904 voters and allocation to 2025 polling stations

    10. Discrepancy in the Average voter per polling station as per the Provisional Count (391) and subsequently (230) Final Count.

    Here is my opinion:

    1 Saneem’s appointment – was set up. The intent to commit fraud was already there.

    2. Exit polling would give us some idea as to who was voting how within a margin of error. If you want to rig an election – you do not want any exit poll.

    3. MOG should be manageable, if there is to be any rigging.

    4. No serial number, thus no verification – we have to trust the regime in the absence of verification.

    5. Polling station returns with reconciliation – again, does not help rigging.

    6. Lack of Transparency – that is self evident.

    7. Counting halting – unexplained. Thus, we have reason to believe that numbers had to be adjusted.

    8. Fijilive website, number removed – because it would allow people to verify and cross check with those numbers.

    9. Refusing to release the Electronic Voter Roll – so that we can see if the numbers jive.

    10. Average voter per polling station earlier reported as 391, later reported as 230 – what was the reason for that adjustment – because the earlier count would but the total number to well over the total registered number.

    BTW – in the Pakistani election last year, there was massive rigging last year, one polling station had 1200 registered votes and they had 8,000 votes – explanation simple – “we put in an extra zero.

    Those Pakistani’s are good at rigging election – and many of them admit it – but there you do the rigging in your area, and they do the rigging in their – so it kinda evens out.

    Unlike Fiji – they do the rigging all over.

    Even if there was not rigging – I still do not trust this regime, so for the election to be legitimate, one should be able to verify.

    How simple can it be…as the Gipper said..”trust, but verify”

  11. Tomasi Says:

    Kainoqu and friends, we already know where Fiji is heading. And it is not a good place for the people and the Government. We are already on our way there, if we use current economic statistics to provide us our GPS.The tragedy is many of our citizens do not understand history enough to appreciate what we have been telling them

    The most frightening reality I see is that by allowing Bai and Khai to assume legitimate control through their stage managed election, we as a nation are legitimising thug rule and all its ugly trappings we have witnessed so far in the last 7 years. People might see this election as a pathway to democracy. I see it as a sure pathway to greater exploitation of the people, even worse tyranny and the legal destruction of many institutions and structures that has once made Fiji a wonderful country. Just think about it. They have the majority vote in Parliament. They will have their way and they do not need any other opposition member to vote with them. Yes there will be motions tabled and discussed, but that will be tokenistic gestures of the democratic kind to give their rule a semblance of respectability. As you said correctly, the AG’s reports will be passed without fail Similarly, all the other bills Khaiyum and Bhai will concoct in their warped minds.

    This is what I mean by the destruction of institutions and structures. It begins with the destruction of Parliament itself. Parliament will exist to advance the cause and agenda of Bai and Khai. It will no longer be there for the people of Fiji. So there it is. These two people have conspired to protect themselves and their conspirators for as long as they live, and they will stop at nothing, even at the cost of destroying people’s lives and freedoms and rights and the national economy and our future. So unless we the people do something to challenge their rule in a more effective way, the question of where are we heading is already clearly outlined. The sad thing about this is that the people of Fiji have brought this unto themselves and it this very same reason that Bai and Khai will be much stronger now because they have the resounding support and approval of the people.

    Nevertheless, there is a God in heaven. Our ultimate hope is in Him. His word echoes throughout the universe of men and leadership and humanity.

    “There is way that seemeth right unto a man, and the end thereof leads to death”

    When we as people choose a pathway, whether economic, social or political, that is contrary to God’s excellent purpose and design, the ultimate end is death. Death is the absence of life, and can therefore be defined as a life where we still exist, but an existence without joy, peace and fulfilment. Our path to death began many years ago. We are many years into this regressive journey. A few days ago, many people thought we had the opportunity to alter our direction. How sadly mistaken they were. How can Fiji change direction when the same thugs and evil men have always been in control and the whole nation is just there to give them “approval’ to move full steam ahead. It is time we awaken from our slumber.

    Let new leaders arise. Let new warriors emerge. Let the citizens actively pursue their rights and freedoms. This is the moment to be the new Fiji. It must begin now and grow and develop until that momentous day, when we the people of this nation will restore our nation’s place and role in history, by the grace of God and through our collective wisdom, courage and determination to act to fulfil our destiny.

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