The choice is about choice


Faces of the future

Pro-regime bloggers criticised Ro Teimumu for saying that SODELPA would look into issues if elected while Bainimarama promised immediate action. This sums up the choice we face. Ro Teimumu has undertaken to consult before policies are developed and implemented.

Bainimarama could not even meet a commitment to consult on the Constitution. Secure in power for 5 years he will make decisions quickly but who knows what they will be? Sale of FSC to a Chinese company, which would no doubt expect all the idle cane to be given to it on sweetheart terms under the Land Use Decree.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose SODELPA, NFP, FLP, PDP, One Fiji, even an independent with a reasonable prospect of success -Roshika Deo would be the best breath of fresh our Parliament has ever had – but we should not choose to throw away your power to choose.

All we can do now is hope and pray

16 Responses to “The choice is about choice”

  1. Mukesh Says:

    Now that the 45 Fijian soldiers are free from the insurgents, one should ask them how they were feeling during their captivity.
    Once they respond with their answer, than the second question should be asked, “how do you thing the elected members of parliament felt when they were thrown out of government and held captive for 56 days????”
    We should not forget those days………We should keep reminding these soldiers as some of them would have been on duty when our leaders were not given chance to serve their full term in office

  2. Hari Om Says:

    I agree Mukesh. When a iTaukei PM was removed, they making all types of cry, what they did to MPC?

  3. ex-usp Says:

    I hope the “not so smart” prof wadan narsey will have the balls to admit he was wrong in his predictions about the elections that we will have a “hung Parliament”.

  4. Victor Lal makes no sense Says:

    Victor lal says on his blog site that the large swing in the sodelpa and FF votes is unexplained.

    M not sure if victor was good in maths.

    The reduction in sodelpa’s vote share decling from 50% to around 26% can be expalined by 2 key factors. One the initial results was due to the counting of small rural itaukei votes. Itaukei votes were split 50/50. However, when the indo fijian votes were counted, FF share of votes rose while sodelpa’s declined. Sodelpa received virtually no indo fijian votes compared with approx 80% by FF.

  5. Annon Says:

    I agree with the above post. The early trend in share of votes was a reflection of itaukei votes rather than national votes cast by whole of fiji.

    I voted for 1 of the 6 opposition parties but the reality is that most people voted for 279. It was clear when I spoke with others.

    I find it stange that losers like MPC and Mick Beddose can go to such lengths. Maybe, I should not say strange as they are political animals.

    The people have spoken and people like victor lal need to understand that they can just spew bullshit.

    Another reason I find it odd is that a few days ago, victor put a post that sodeLa will win 30 seats and PDP 1.

    How can any party win 1 seat when you need a minimum 5% of votes which will equate to 3 seats. Is victor so stupid?

    How can sodelpa win 30 seats if all it will get is itaukei votes which equates to a max of 26 seats and provided no itaukei votes are invalid, given to other parties and that each has voted. Now victor, do you think that is possible?

    The results so far are in line with the polls. Not far out from the FT’s poll.

    Anyway, the multinational observers have made a statement that the elections is credible.
    Go eat your own words.

  6. ramram Says:

    KB and others

    I had said FLP would be wiped out and its a fact now. I used to be a strong FLP supporter but my love for the party changed over the past few years for obviour reason. So did the love of almost 200,000 others who all voted for FFP.

    Don’t get me wrong but the writing was on the wall.

    I was not blinded in my support and the prediction by others on the blog that FFP will get 80% of the indo fijian votes came true.

  7. KB Says:

    Ram ram you idiot, you being a FLP supporter or not is not relevant here.

    As for the election itself….the jury is still out. The allegation about vote rigging that have surfaced combined with the total control that FFP had on the election and together with their pattern of behavior in the past as to the rule of law and complete disregard for democracy and their self interest in remain in power, and looking at what their alternative was if they had lost the election …….so look at the picture in its totality……and why would anyone in that position not rig the election.

    They had a motive and they had the ability to do it.

    Under the circumstances, would you have rigged the election – ……it is very likely that I would.

    As for the Indo Fijians…..I agree, the FFP is now a Indo Fijian party, just like NFP and FLP was.

    You Indians have now clearly taken a side…they have made a choice in no uncertain terms.

    Up until now, in most conflicts, the Indo Fijians actually sat on the sidelines – the GS coup was a intra-Fijian conflict. The Rabuka coup was to bring back the Alliance which had lost back into power. The Indians were not really involved.

    This time around, the Indians have taken a side……so lets see how long Frank will be there to safeguard the interest of the Indians.

    Look at it long term.

    Note that Fiji is 65% Fijian, the military is 99%…and time is on the side of the Fijians….with their numbers going up.

    Circumstances can change over a period of years – if this regime does not govern well they will be voted out or it can change in a day, if some Nationalist Fijian pulls a coup.

    How much do you trust the 99% Fijian military. I am sure there are senior military officers who may be thinking that Frank has had his share, now it is their turn to ride the gravy train. Once a military commander is out, he does not have any clout…..look at Rabuka, the two Epeli boys etc…and Frank is your boy now….Tikoitoga has nothing to gain by supporting the Indians….he will be much better of working with the Fijian majority.

    Just like there were Fijian leaders who had felt that Ratu Mara has had his share, it was time for them t ride the gravy train.

    Either way, you guys have put a nail in your own coffin. Take my advice, if have not secured a PR for another country, this is a good time to start working on in. If you have any unmarried children, get them married off abroad.

    You had this opportunity to work with the Fijians and by doing so secure a future for your future generations – you guys just destroyed it.

    Reminds me of how the dogs chase cars in Fiji….the Indians were chasing that “car” and they actually caught the car……now what you gonna do.

    Or better still….this is now like riding the tiger, just like goddess Durga…..only this time, your guys do not know how to get off…..and when you do get off, the tiger will eat you.

    Good luck….and see you in Auckland soon.

  8. KB Says:

    Oh and Annon – agree with you….about Victor Lal – how can PDP win one seat and SODELPA 30.

    It is a shame that it was people like Victor Lal who were in the forefront of running this social media blog campaign.

    There some really bright people who initially were very active but later left the scene and we were left with Victor Lal type wannabes.

    It is not too late to regroup – and organize a massive social media campaign.

    Look at the Pakistan election a year ago – rigged election – and they are still fighting – and CNN did a story on it.

    BTW – the Wall Street Journal picked up the Fiji rigged election story today…..little story but it is a beginning.

    …and the Admin for site…..thank you….and a job well done.

  9. ramram Says:


    Pls go and read statements by rohit kishore (FLP) and Nirmal singh (sodelpa) and they said we have to respect the will of the people.

    Also re-read your posts. Why blame indo-fijians for voting for FF.

    I also suggest that you check how many people of itaukei origin voted for FF? In my view approx 50%.

    So, FF was elected by both races.

    I know you are angry and dissappointed, but the people have spoken.

  10. KB Says:

    Ram Ram….I also agree with you that “we should respect the will of the people”…but was this really the will of the people if this election was rigged.

    And did Bainimarama respect the will of the people when he removed the elected government in 2006.

    No ram ram – Fiji First was elected by 90% Indians – the rest less than 10% voted NFP, FLP, PDP.

    When more than 80% Fijians voted SDL, it was a Fijian party, when more than 70% Indians voted for NFP it was the Indian party – and now we have a new Indian Party..the FFP – with 90% Indian support.

    Yes, I am disappointed – not at the results…..that was expected.

    I am disappointed as to why the other parties even considered contesting this election – know full well that this will happen.

    And now – no matter what happens – no one who has happened, there must be a complete boycott of parliaments by everyone other than the FFP.

    As for the Indians …THINK!!!… you people have decided to take on the Fijians…..and you may have dealt that one hard punch that temporarily know him out….now wait when the Fijian regroups, and then comes after you…..then it would be time to Khali Bhago.

    Why can’t you understand some very simple facts…..that Frank will not always be there to take care of you. That the 65% population can not be controlled for ever. That the 99% Fijian army, sooner or later will find a pro-Fijian officer who will pull a coup.

    And then….what you gonna do when they come for you….complain to the police.

    Indians did not have the right leadership to guide them as to what is best for them…..and Chaudhry no longer seems to have that pull with the community. We ended up with people like Pravin Bala, Ashneel Sudhakar – who all have businessmen behind them.

    The Gujjis and the few other businessmen – they have their own agenda. The Muslims….it seems they are OK… is the rest of you who really did not get it.

    If you guys have played the game right – you would have had complete control of the government today by allowing SODELPA to form a minority government with your support.
    The old SODELPA leadership is on the way out – and you guys could have worked out a way to take Fiji forward – as a joint venture between the Indian minority and the Fijian majority.

    Now what is Frank going to give you in the next four years – whenhe pays off all the debt. Khaiyum’s friends and family would do fine, the military officers will do fine, the Gujeratis will do fine – but what will happen to the rest of your Indians – the “Bhaiyas” and the “Kakas”….

    I do feel sorry for you.

  11. ramram Says:


    Approx 50% itaukei voted for sodelpa and not 80% my friend. Pls rewind all the results from fijian dominated areas. In my area where there were 80% itaukei voters, when the results was counted, the votes for FF was more than 50% which was a trend elsewhere except a few places.

    Secondly, why point a finger to muslims. Harron ali, Dr shau khan, Azeem khan, all got kicked out. Hindus such as dr reddy, dr ganesh, rajesh chandra, parmesh chand, brij lal, sharva sharma, bobby maharj, were appointed or retained. Pls don’t bring the old race card.

    The indo fijian rejected this in this election. Maj of indo fijians are hindus but as you say 90% voted for FF.

    The observers have said the election is credible. The losers have said otherwise. What else do u expect them to say.

  12. KB Says:

    Oye, Ram Ram….I said 80% Fijians had voted for SDL – and that made SDL a Fijian party.

    This time 90% Indians voted for FFP – that makes it a Indian Party.

    As for the Muslims and the Gujeratis….at this point they are perceived by the Fijians as groups who have worked with this regime to benefit themselves – whether this is just a perception or a reality – it does not help them does it.
    BTW talking about Sahu Khan – didn’t he get the electoral commission job.

    Never mind the election, credible or otherwise – what you Indians should be worried about – is the future of Indians in Fiji – 5 years from now or 30 years from now – and from where I am looking, your future looks bleak.

    So nothing to gloat about – you guys lost big time..and destroyed a good future for other Indians who had made Fiji their home and would have wanted their grand children to be raised in Fiji.

    You idiots spoiled it for the rest of them also…because you as a community were suckered in by the likes of Frank and Khaiyum.
    There will be new words in your vocabulary now……”Khali Bhago”

  13. ramram Says:


    Pls go and hear the analysis by Dr Steven ratuva on itaukei support for FF. Its makes FF not just an itaukei party but a multi-racial party.

    Pls accept the fact and defeat. FLP is dead and buried.

  14. KB Says:

    Ram Ram, you don’t seem to realize that you idiots have put the Indians in Fiji in a very precarious position.

    By 90% of you identifying with the Fiji First, you have clearly aligned with the “enemy” – that is the perception among the bulk of the Fijian population – those Fijians who believe that their land ownership is threatened, their culture is threatened, their Church is threatened, their way of life is threatened.

    While the Fijians are forgiving people, I think this time you guys have gone too far and it is not likely the the Fijians will forgive you for this.

    Now we have polarization – one one side is the Indians and on the other side is the Fijian – the Fijian culture stand on three pillars – the Lotu, the Vanua, the Tui – all three is now threatened.

    I agree that gradually the Fijian culture, like most cultures, would have evolved and things would have changed some. But as it is, the Fijians feel that this change – and other things like the constitution, the name Fijian etc are being shoved down their throat and this is done by someone who is backed by the Indians.

    So you tell me…..what is the future of race relations in Fiji – don’t you think things will get more polarized, leading to conflicts.

    If there is conflict in Fiji – any conflict – Indians will become the scapegoats. And when that happens, the Indians who are benefiting from the regime, the businessmen etc – they already have their PR and money outside of Fiji and they will be on the next flight out. Khaiyum and Company will sure have a exit strategy. It is the rest of you who will be faced with dealing with the situation.

    And you Indians in Fiji, you are no Tamil Tigers, or Sikh Militants or Kashmiri Terrorists – you guys are simple middle class people, with a wife, 2 daughters, a farm, a car etc – none of you will be willing or able to deal with such conflict – so it will be time to Khali Bhago, that is, if you can.

    So who do you think really lost here – your guys or the Fijians.
    The Fijians my have lost a battle, but they will win the war….time is on their side.

    As for you guys……the best thing now may be to get out while the going is good.

    Sad…..very sad……that a small group of you idiot Indians have really spoiled it for the rest of your people. Look at your leaders…Jay Dayal put in his 4 Vishwa Hindu Parishad boys in Parliament, and other idiots like Pravin Bala, put in by Vinod Patel, and who were the Ba businessmen who backed Rosy Akbar…and that sudhakar guy….a complete idiot. ….are these your leaders – compare them with A D Patel, Sid Koya, Jai Ram Reddy and even Chaudhry – or other mediocre Indian leaders from the past – Sir Vijay Singh, KC Ramrakha, and the rest.

    You guys have a real bunch of losers. I think the biggest loser in this is the Indian community.

    So who lost here..

  15. prem Says:


    While in your eyes and heart you think indo fijians are the losers for supporting FF, in the eyes of hundreds of thousands, it is the complete opposite. Now, they all can’t be wrong.

    If you heard the speech today by ro temumu kepa, you would have to admit, it had no element of leadership. In fact, it was digging the old wounds.

  16. KB Says:

    Prem Bhai….that argument about all those thousands of Fiji Indians – they can’t be wrong – argumentum ad populum….just like arguing that 10 million Elvis fans can’t be wrong about him.

    As far as Kepa is concerned, I am no fan of hers either….but the way to remove that type of leadership was to first put in a real democratic government in place. Then make changes to the this constitution with the consent of the people and then have an election and vote out these dinosaurs – including Chaudhry.

    What we have now is that Indians have clearly aligned themselves with the “enemy”….and in the long run this will have repercussions.

    There will be a small group of Indians who will benefit from this election victory – but the majority, they will pay for it in the long run.

    And as for your enthusiastic brethren living abroad – for them there were two things: 1) this was like a exciting rugby match and FFP was their team and 2) They were getting even with the Fijians, who they believe supported the previous coups and they were the reason these folks had to migrate – so they got even.

    I am just hoping that we get better Indian leadership in the near future who can salvage something and work on race relations in Fiji – as is, things do not look too good for the Indians.

    Oh, and by the way, wait a few weeks and see how they will pay for the free water, free milk, free electricity, free education, free bus and the rest……..or as they say, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

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