Will 255 run last?


The voting system he master-minded for Bainimarama asks voters to vote for just one person, not a party, and there are no preferences. Bainimarama’s hope is that his name and his ugly face which he has thrust in our faces in the controlled media and posted on countless billboards, will attract support that the other nobodies of FrankFirst can’t attract.  But what about 255? Khaiyum’s system means we’ll all be able to see how unpopular he really is. If he doesn’t get enough votes personally, it means he can’t be elected on the coat-tails of his puppet.

21 Responses to “Will 255 run last?”

  1. ilisoni Says:

    I thought the AG can appointed by the PM, not necessarily elected.

  2. KB Says:

    Hey guys, they have Faiyaz Siddiq Koya all lined up for the new AG just in case FFP wins and Khaiyum does not make it.

    And just for the Koya boys to look good – the other brother is running with NFP. Hey these guys have it all planned.

    BTW – just in case Khaiyum does not win the election – isn’t the President’s position an appointed one.

  3. Daniel Says:

    Sorry to dissapoint you but FB will get the highest number of votes followed by Ro Kepa and then AG.

    Biman, rohit and felix will not get 5000 votes.

  4. AG Appointed by PM Says:

    illisoni you are spot on. Frank will appoint AG if Khai needs it which I doubt. As daniel says he will get third highest vote announced by supervisor of elections. Lossers can go to court and loose again and pay costs.

  5. Mukesh Says:

    Don’t get fooled, Fiji has about 10% Muslim and if everyone vote Khaiyum he get about 50,000 votes.

  6. sandi Says:

    I was just watching four corners and I am disgusted by Khaiyum`s comments where he said to get rid of the chief system in Fiji. I use to back your team but now am seeing the big bluff you`re playing.Time will tell who you really are. Can you `say that in Afghanistan? Two things that has been always cause never ending wars in Afghanistan is territory (land) and tribal ethnicity.YOU want to get rid of Fijian heritage by ridding of its chiefly system?Be careful mate,people watching you quietly.Fiji should be declared a christian state and the chiefly system must be setup again but this time by younger Fijians with brains.Fijian identity comes from it`s land that belongs to each tribal ethnicity.Don`t go there. Having said that…the itaukei has a lot to be blamed as well. So called past chief`s and their greed for power has come to this. I can see through frank. He is doing this for Khaiyum.There playing with match sticks.Fiji itaukei military will soon have to realize that they will be part of a process that will threat their futures co existence and that is their land (vanua). Once a taukei is out from the top…vultures come in via developers. The last thing you want is move from your villages to tin shacks in town somewhere. Certain abo chief in Arnhem Land in Australias outback gulibilly signed their land away for BIG bucks to big mining companies with BIG promises of a better future for their kids which NEVER did happen since the 80`s.All there was is waste from the mines which has polluted it`s land and degrading shacks in it`s town`s outskirts and living on welfare.Even the indigenous people in Australia are still not recognized in Australia`s constitution as indigenous of the land. Their tropical heritage was lost for good. Someone should make it clear to those Itaukei soldiers especially those in command that Frank and Khaiyum are the only ones that will come out best in that system plus family and certain ethnic groups. We can`t compare western standards to Fiji. Fiji is unique in it`s own style of governance. It MUST consider the Itaukei as the ethnic tribal owner of Fiji and respect it`s land via christian state. Without these two main points in any civilized discussions,you can be rest assured that the other topic whatever it is isn`t going to sink in well.It`s in their blood.This is why I mentioned Afghanistan. Can Khaiyum prove to the Itaukei people that what he said about the chiefly system to be rid of is working well in Afghanistan? Every tribe has a chief and every chief has a system going.Without that, there will be instability.It will be a matter of time before majority of the Itaukei in the military and the land will realize what there doing. There being taken for a ride.My point is for Fiji to move forward peacefully,you must cater for the Itaukei people first to avoid hiccups along the way.Hiccups that is never ending in Afghanistan which Khaiyum is not aware of or maybe he`s looking not see strategy.You can`t impose western world ideologies in Fiji because for starters, situations in Fiji when it come`s to how it should run is complex in it`s own way and it demands strategies to withstand those complex issues. Fiji in my bold opinion should stick to it`s old system of governance because it worked for everyone but this time with a separate board to police corrupt practices in parliament. A Democratic govt within a christian state with it`s original constitution back in place and a new great GCC PLUS a separate commission board to monitor corruption will work well for Fiji. A GCC is vital in it`s way forward,why? Because of tribal existence,doopee.It worked well in the past except for some greedy chief`s and their bigotries that cause this whole farce. This is what`s missing in Fiji. It should also promote tolerance and it can only come through Fiji being declared a christian state again.Fijians will uphold that law of tolerance this time to move forward.The old constitution had Biblical values which were the driving force for tolerance in Fiji.It can NOT function under any other system guarranteed. Khaiyum, If you can proof to people in Fiji that an Indian can run for PM in Pakistan let alone Afghanistan or visa versa then maybe the Itaukei should consider that FijiFirst model,if not then don`t play with match sticks.For frank,well don`t believe in a system you`re not truely aware of.That system caused conflicts in Iraq,Afghanistan.Won`t work for Fiji because it will favor just one and there`s always second best.You don`t want that in Fiji.It has nothing to do with being racist either.I am talking real life issues where prevention is better than cure strategy.That system you`re implying is dangerous in a sense,that it has cause conflicts in many countries. When you impose a system that will truely benefit one group seriously,you`re looking for trouble. Don`t re-invent that old wheel(The old system of governance).All it needed was an upgrade(upgrade = new Itaukei with brains plus a new commission board to police corruption),that`s all.Prioritize these two words ===> keep the peace. AND then move forward. This way ,there`s no need for the Itaukei to cause any more problems. The last thing we want is those military men realizing what`s ahead.They haven`t done an areal view yet of the FijiFirst system.Heard of the story how the turks captured the greeks and brain wash them to go back and kill their own people. Well almost the same thing in Fiji but without the killing.

    • Tinai Says:

      Instead of GCC where chiefs come and discuus issues why dont we have a council which comprises of smart fijians. Then only we can move forward. We dont want to go back to what we were before 2006. And u supporting the bainimarama regime before is a whole lot of crap because the amount of energy and time you have spent writing this essay of yours against this presnt government is bullshit LOL..

    • anare Says:

      Vinaka Sandi for that well informed post…Yes eventually all will unravel the lies of this regime. Even the Fijians that support it will one day will see the truth! We cannot expect democracy or much of it after 8 years of dictatorship rule, but what we can expect is a slow return to it.

  7. KB Says:

    This Muslim thing – I think you guys are barking up the wrong tree.

    Most Muslims in Fiji do not even accepts the Ahmadiyyas as Muslims and Khaiyum is a Ahmaddiya – and most of this appointments are friends and family who happen to mostly Ahmadiyyas.

    Just as if the AG happened to be a Fijian who was appointing frinds and family – they would be Fijians – that is not to say that all Fijians are with the FFP.

    As for the next attorney general – can someone confirm this:

    As per constitution the AG mus be “admitted as a legal practitioner in Fiji and has had not less than 15 years post-admission practice as a legal practitioner whether in Fiji or abroad;”

    Does Khaiyum qualify under this….most likely he does …just that I wasn’t sure.

    As yes, I am sure Khaiyum will get the second highest vote in FF – those two will pull all the votes and idiots like Sudhakar will ride on the coat tails with 1500 votes while some one in FLP or NFP may not get elected with 5000 votes. there is your 1 man = 1 vote = 1 value bull crap.

  8. Sam khan Says:

    Kaiyum is a Sunni Muslim not Ahmadiya.
    All his appointments are Sunni Muslim except Naz and Aslam.

  9. Navosavakadua Says:

    AS-K is well aware of the problem, ie that he’s poison to many people, but he sees this as their problem not his. Knowing the voting system means he’s aware he has to get more votes than other FF candidates, so he made sure the FijiFirst team was packed with non-entities.
    It’s true he can be appointed AG without being in Parliament but his ego would be crushed if he isn’t elected. Bainimarama on the other hand may welcome a defeat as an opportunity to throw him overboard – let’s face it, he’s done that with so many people in the past.
    @ KB Sam is right – Madam Nazhat is the Ahmadiyya connection, but Muslims are not the problem. AS-K appoints friends and family he can trust so it’s not surprising there’s over-representation of Muslims but he doesn’t trust all Muslims.

  10. KB Says:

    Got it….still believe that our intense dislike for Muslims is wrong….it just so happens that Khaiyum is appointing friends and family who happen to be Muslims….like the electoral commission head earlier….Dr Sahu Khan.

    Well we are almost there:

    If they win…..I told you so.
    If they lose……the election was rigged.

    BTW – i believe that our best bet would have been to boycott this election…and let Frank ultimately hand over the government to a caretaker government who would them have organized a free and fair election under free and fair rules.

  11. Mukesh Says:

    Ordinary Fijians do not understand politics and self cantered corrupt people like ones SODELPA heavy weights and leader keep fooling ordinary Fijians. Due to this reason SODELPA will not be able to form the government.
    It should be noted with grave concern that Indians after Garase’s comments and later the leader not correcting and supporting his comments put Indian voters away from voting SODELPA.
    These bunch of idiots think that it is easy to run government, and getting finance is easy as printing notes in Government Printing.
    Unless the thinking of Fijian Leaders change it would be very hard now for Fijian to form government on its own.
    It is very unfortunate that SODELPA has lost its luck.
    One thing for sure, most of the Candidate in SODELPA will start packing bags and leave for overseas for next five years and will be back again after five years to try their luck again.
    I would urge Fijians to kiss Mahendra Chaudhry’s feet as this man was the true leader for Fiji, which handful of bastards took him out of office. Fiji will never be same as it was pre 1987.

    God Bless Fiji

  12. KB Says:

    Mukesh, you are a fricken idiot, “It is very unfortunate that SODELPA has lost its luck.”

    Part of the bloody problem we have with Indians

  13. Mukesh Says:

    Yes I am only idiot but you guys are bloody idiot. You will never learn, there is no problem with Indian, in next election Indians population will further drop, Chinese and outside Muslims will rule Fiji.

  14. Hari Om Says:

    Aslam Khan was not appointed by Khaiyum!!! Vodafone is a private company and Aslam served in a private company, didnt he. Yes now people know that Khaiyum is Sunni and Nazhat Shameem is a Ahmadiya. Before some stupid blogs ran this story that they are related. This shows how many types of lies people tell on blogs.

  15. Tomasi Says:

    Well folks, although there are votes still be counted, it appears that the military thug and dictator has won a majority of the votes. Just as we had predicted would happen. Later today, we will have a better outline of the new list of MPs. The question again is: What now? Where do we go from here?

    The fact that the political parties agreed to tag along with Khaiyum’s decrees and fundamental flaws in our election system and processes, they will now have to tag along with FFP into the new parliament. They cannot complain about the results coz they agreed with the process. Let us hope Fiji can manage this dilemma better than the pre election debacle.

  16. Kepa Says:

    Shameem and Khaiyum not related? Then she must be related to Frank.

  17. tualeita Says:

    You’re true Tomasi. There’s more to running a democratic government (imperfect though this one may be) than forcefully dictating in the dictatorship we had, or will still have.

    Now those who voted the new government into power will be more demanding and will be more impatient with the delays in developments that they have been promised and expect.

    With the extra increases in debt incurred by the illegal regime in the last eight years and with less income we have been able to gain, will we still be able to afford more quick developments in the near future to satisfy the demands of those who voted this new government in?

    And, of course the opposition will be freer to probe into and criticize the doings of the government and bring corruption and mismanagement into the fore so that the people who vote the government in or out are better informed.

    Of course, we will be watching.

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