After 7 years is this the best he can do?

In 2006 when he seized power in his ‘clean-up coup’ Bainimarama promised elections but said he would not be standing. It was a 100% certainty that Ro Teimumu would ask him when it was that he decided he would stand. So his answer, after being given 7 years to think about it, was truly amazing. He decided to stand “when they announced the election.”  THEY??? The election date was entirely in HIS hands and no-one else, and this is his answer.

4 Responses to “After 7 years is this the best he can do?”

  1. LOSALINI Says:

    that TV debate clearly showed Bainimarama as an outright LIAR, ARROGANT and clearly a “loose cannon”.

  2. Daniel Says:

    And who had to eat her own words! Ouch.

    I prefer jale or rt jone anytime over someone who sounded very passive.

  3. Mukesh Says:

    The TV debate clearly shows that Ro Teimumu is not a leader, ill formed, and extremely racist. She could not justify her arguments and has no leadership quality. This was the only reason Bainimarama had chosen to have debate with her and not others like Biman or our hero Mahendra Pal Chaudhry.
    By having debate with Ro, Bainimarama has gained more votes.

  4. Ateca.V Says:

    Huh ? Doh ! LOL

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