The question the dictator didn’t want to answer

A NZ journalist asked Bainimarama whether there would be another coup if he didn’t win the election. All he had to say was “NO”, but he couldn’t say that. Instead of answering the question he knocked the microphone from the interviewer’s hand. He’s too accustomed to tame interviewers from our own intimidated media. One hard question and the ugly thug is revealed..

Click to see the Ugly Thug in action


6 Responses to “The question the dictator didn’t want to answer”

  1. KB Says:

    Predisposition to violence….we have seen this this type of violent behavior before……. Imagine this guy having absolute power…….

    Imagine a future with someone with this kind of temper in charge.

    It was Sir Winston Churchill who said, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

    And I am sure you have seen a lot of dictators like this in history.

  2. Tomasi Says:

    Well said KB. Imagine having this thug as the legal and lawfully elected PM of Fiji. What then?

    It was Lord Acton who suggested a possible scenario, when he said.

    “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    Translated to Fijian, total all the personal and state-sponsored crimes, thuggery, frauds, murder, torture, robberies, lies, intimidation, and injustice perpetrated by Vorere and his regime, then multiply that by a factor of 3 – 5 over the next 4 years. Then we begin to imagine the future of the majority of people in Fiji after the election.

  3. qesa USA Says:

    Bai luveni kawa ca,au Sa Mai oca Ena Mai vei cici yaki baletana na vukumu Ena nomu gade Mai ke.(USA ,ose vacu yalewa tiko ga,magaitinamu,next time tale o lako Mai merika au na vanai iko.luveni veicai o iko.

  4. New Parliament Says:

    Did you bloggers see Franks new parliament renovations next to his office building to stop you freedom lovers from removing him from power with his snipers on the roof to protect his 50 parliamentarians? What happened to the old parliament?

  5. Zak Says:

    I congratulate The PM and know that he would be relieved of the elections — all the bloggers and comments have been an encouragement and challenge to keep going

  6. Tomasi Says:

    Voreqe and Khai have unilaterally made so many fundamental changes that will have far reaching implications for Fiji and its various communities, especially the indigenous Fijians. They have done so through unlawful means. Imagine what they could do now that they are legal and lawful rulers. Only time will tell us all and I sincerely hope that the people who supported this treasonous act will realise how wrong they were and take the necessary actions to oppose him just as they so enthusiastically encouraged him when he was an illegal dictator. It would be interesting to hear the conflicting thoughts processing through the minds of people like Mahen Chaudry, Roko Ului, Pita Driti, Saumatua and George Speight who trusted his more than the time tested rule of law.

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