Who will the non-voters vote for?

Technically, of course, the non-voters won’t vote for anyone but the question is: who will miss out on their votes? How do we know what a non-voter looks like? FDN’s guess is these are the people who think nothing happens unless the government does it.  Who does this suggest is their logical choice? FrankFirst of course!

3 Responses to “Who will the non-voters vote for?”

  1. KB Says:

    People who do not vote……..they will help Fiji First win.
    People who vote for smaller parties and Independents – that will help enable FijiFirst Win.

    If you are a Fijian…..vote SODELPA…..(I know One Fiji looks good….but maybe next election).

    If you are Indian…..Choose FLP rather than NFP, or PDP.

    It will be a shame if we lose by a few seats….and that also because some people wasted their votes.

    This is about the kind of society we want our grand children to live in.

  2. NFP Says:

    Latest news from Ba which KB can confirm that the FLP rally at gujrati grounds with Chor leader MPC only attracted 20 people.

    KB, kaisa batt?

  3. KB Says:

    Yes NFP…like the FFP had a thousand people at a rally and we got a picture to go with that….
    And the 100 reported by Fiji Sun for the Lautoka SODELPA rally and Fijilive describe the same rally as “Shirley Park has turned into a sea of blue as the Social Democratic Liberal Party begins its last major rally in the Western Division.”

    BTW – have you guys seen that video, where Frank knocks of the mike out of the hand of that poor white lady TV reporter at the last FFP rally…she was persistent and he did not like it.

    That basically confirms a pattern of behavior that folks have talked about….the man gets physical…and not a good PM quality.

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