Give thanksfor answered prayers

Bainimarama will be breathing a huge sigh of relief to be relieved of his responsibility for sending the contingent to the Golan heights without care that they were properly equipped and arrangements were in place for their peace-keeping force functioning in a conflict zone. But Frank gets no thanks for the safe delivery of the 45. The discussions this incident kicked off, all in private of course, have had Frank sweating. The rank and file soldiers and their families were outraged that they were just pawns to be sacrificed as necessary for Frank’s benefits.

3 Responses to “Give thanksfor answered prayers”

  1. KB Says:

    OK guys…..the hostage crisis is over….lets focus on the election.

    I see that Coup 4.5 has been at it for while….the discussion about the hostages.

    Can we discuss that next week….after the election. Right now we have got two things to do.

    1. Get the Fijian voters to turn out and vote….Did you know that percentage wise, the Indians always voted in higher numbers than Fijians. This time around….it is the Fijian society under attack….GET THE VOTE OUT.

    2. Convince the Indians….DO NOT WASTE THEIR vote by voting NFP or PDP.

    Whether you like Chaudhry or not….hold you nose and vote FLP and they will be there for you.

    And that guy Waqavuka (Biman) of NFP……he is an idiot.

    They won’t forgive you for this……and the Fijians, sooner or later will get back into power…..and they will remember who their friends were.

  2. tualeita Says:

    Good idea KB. GOTV for SODELPA.

  3. Coup Inevitable Says:

    fijians friends?….always been muslims…until now??

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