Either Ratu Joji doesn’t know or …

Bainimarama is always saying how stupid we re to follow our chief but then the propaganda machine enlists the name of Ratu Joji Cakobau. The Sun quotes Ratu Joji as saying “all iTaukei land deposited in the land bank was safe and would returned when the lease expired”. Maybe, but it could be gone for 99 years and if the rent was low or no-one paid it, it means the land is being stolen a century at a time. The Sun quotes Ratu Joji as saying “land in the Land bank were deposited only after the consent of the landowners”. This  is true now but Khaiyum’s decree has given Bainimarama the power to make whatever rules he wants. He can remove landowner approval tomorrow if he chooses. Either Ratu Joji doesn’t know what’s in the LUD or words are being put in his mouth.

7 Responses to “Either Ratu Joji doesn’t know or …”

  1. LOSALINI Says:

    sobo sobo Ratu Jioji, in ten years time, you will eat your tongue when you will realize how you have been duped by these evil men Bai and Khaiyum. I hope someone in Fiji is keeping records of all the chiefs that have sold out their Vanua.

  2. KB Says:

    Any laws relating to land, under this constitution, can be changed by a simple majority vote in the new parliament. That means that if Frank wins 26 seats, and tomorrow Khaiyum moves to take away your land – all they need is that 26 votes…..no entrenched clause, no GCC, no senate, no court….that is it.

    Secondly, they can take away your land for “public purpose” anytime…and can anyone define what “public purpose” means – does building shopping centers that is good for the economy and which provides jobs…is that “public purpose’….then let us take Fijian land and give it to the Gujeratis to build hotels and shopping centers.

    Everything is gonna go……the land, the Chiefs, the Vanua, the Church, the language, the culture, the communal lifestyle…and all them Chinese with the Fiji passport, they all want a second wife in Fiji….and guess who they will have as the second wife……..

    Are we going the same way as the rest of the indigenous people of the world have gone………imagine what the Fijian people would be like 30 years from now….not looking good.

  3. Navosavakadua Says:

    No, KB the situation much worse than you imagine.
    The LUD lays down no specific rules for leasing land. It creates a power to make regulations to do that.
    Length of lease, provisions for determining rents and whether landowners have to approve OR NOT, are laid down in regulations, which can be changed without approval of Parliament. All power over land (ITaukei land only) is given to the PM, full stop.
    The LUD is only 1500 words long, including lengthy listing of definitions, and 350 words are devoted to denying the right of appeal in any court or tribunal against decision made under the LUD by the PM or officials.
    If an informed observer such as you is not aware of just bad this decree is, what do the great mass of people understand?

  4. Ratu Meli Vunivalu president FFP usa Says:

    Who the dog is Ratu joji,e sega tiko mada ga na kena kele o la qo,e Sega wale ga nio koya,o ira kece Sara ga na cakobau kei ira na Kai bau.no qele,e cava na vuna me vosa kina na boci qo me baleta na qele.

  5. KB Says:

    Thanks Navosa…
    I was talking about the constitutional guarantees that were in place in the previous constitution which protected the land. None of those guarantees are there anymore.

    Besides, in the past we had the senate and the GCC in the senate that would also have looked out for the indigenous people and their land rights – we do not have that anymore.

    And on top of that, we have Khaiyum with his own philosophy about indigenous land.

    All combined….things do not look good.

    The Fijian people should be really concerned now….for the future looks very bleak ….unless we win this election.

  6. Tomasi Says:

    Vinaka vakalevu KB, Navosa and friends. It is amazing how the brainwashing actions by of Voreqe and Khai has worked on many of our citizens. The dictators have controlled information flow for seven years, and they have effectively manipulated the thoughts and the decisions of many. The dictators have effectively been successful in their social engineering exercise with the help of equally cunning and morally deficient people such as QORVIS and the Fiji Sun.

    Let us hope that after listening and reading the truth over the last few weeks from alternative sources, some people will be sufficiently free to think and decide for themselves next week. More importantly, let us hope that we the people will be brave and wise enough to act and intervene after the election, especially if the outcome dictates us to do so.

    Passivity is relatively much easier and therefore common in many areas of our lives, but it is always bad. Political indifference of the kind we have displayed here in Viti is a sure recipe for national disaster of the worst kind. May your wise words and those of other friends and citizens help our people to wake up and see their way clearly. The bright future we so anxiously hope for will not come through our continued passivity to the evil and wrong and unjust decisions of this regime. It will come only as a result of our conscious action and timely and appropriate intervention to right the wrongs and see that justice is done no matter the consequences.

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