Who will Frank betray next?


Jone Dakuvula was an outspoken opponent of the 1987 coup but a supporter of the 2006 coup and a keen participant in the Charter process.  You’d expect him to be on board with FrankFirst but he’s made a Youtube video explaining why he rejects Bainimarama.  Dakuvula says he did not support Qarase because he failed to follow the Constitution in 2001 and he now condemns Bainimarama for trashing the constitution.  Dakuvual is one of a long line of people who once supported Bainimarama only to find themselves betrayed.

11 Responses to “Who will Frank betray next?”

  1. tualeita Says:

    JD is right in many ways. But he was in breach of the 1997 constitution when he supported Bainimarama’s coup. Now he appears to support the same 1997 constitution which he did not support in the first place. Don’t know what to make of him.

    It would be best if he, like Rabuka, admitted his mistakes first before clarifying his position.

  2. KB Says:

    The enemy of our enemy is not necessarily our friend.
    Get rid of these bastards….Fijian as a people need fresh, new leadership..and we will get this after we get a democracy, a new constitution and new elections.

  3. RatuJack Visawaqa Bau. Says:

    dakuvula sada qai veisau ni da sa lauvutu.waraka na kemui totogi ena gauna e sa vei sau kina na matanitu,Bokala.

  4. Qalowasa T Says:

    Ratu Jack Visawaqa Bau…yalo vinaka mada mo kua ni mai kacivaka tiko na nomu I tutu ka mai vakaisi take tu e dua na tamata e na matana levu. Na nomu vaka yagataka na yacamu mo dokai kina e boidada sara Tailevu…ke o kai Bau dina, kauta tani na viavia levu. Ke o turaga dina o se tiko sara e loma ni gauna ni veikanikani…sa dua tani na gauna qo Rau.

  5. LOSALINI Says:

    sobo, sobo. why don’t these men who supported Bai’s coup in 2006 and who have now changed sides, FIRST apologise to the fijian people for their stupidity.

  6. Tomasi Says:

    I agree with you Tualeita. As the Editor correctly pointed out, JD opposed the first coup in 1987. I I was there also and we made sure the soldiers at Parliament House heard us and understand our stand against military coups. But then, JD supported the 2006 coup, and he must first apologise for that if he is man of principles acceptable to us. Why did he support Voreqe and condemn Siti?

    Then, now, he is telling the world he has changed his mind. While I an glad for his change of mind, But I would like to know more about his heart. Two words of wisdom pop out for me as alarm bells:

    1. “A double minded person is unstable in all his ways.”
    2. The heart of man is deceitful above all things. Who could know it?”

    I will listen one more time to him and give him the benefit of the doubt. There are always new things we can learn from others around us, even those who appear somewhat funny and unstable, like Vorere and his brain, Khai.

  7. Jone Dakuvula Says:

    I have just returned from campaigning in Vanua Levu where I have been telling people that I am on public record in the newspapers and other media that I had opposed the 2006 coup of Bainimarama and I did more than anybody to try and stop that coup. I had told the 51 village meetings where I spoke the story of what I did in opposition to stop the coup. There’s nothing for me to apologize for to people who have made these ignorant accusations and who probably are supporters of the SDL /SODELPA. I went to work on the Peoples Charter after the 2006 coup (in 2007- 2009) to help chart a course towards return to constitution democracy and national reconciliation. this is still unfinished business and it is the main reason I am standing in this elections.

    • saunivalu Says:

      What were you campaigning for and for what purpose ???. What actually did you contribute to the charter??? Was it the part which state s that all those who killed innocent people during the coup would be granted immunity or the part which took Fijians and Fiji Indians their true cultural and traditional identity???You are a lost course…

  8. KB Says:

    The tide is turning and Mr. Dakuvula knows it…………a true opportunist.

    From FLP to SVT to now PDP….from Bavadra to Rabuka.

  9. Navosavakadua Says:

    Please Jone, our memories are better than that. You did not approve the coup, but you did not condemn it unequivocally either. Despite your commitment to the Constitution you went along with the blatant fiction of a “constitutional” coup, which was dismissed by the Court of Appeal. The regime was illegal but you pretended it was an open question.

    Apology is always better than denial. Why don’t you give it a try.

  10. Tomasi Says:

    Well said Navosa. Vinaka

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