Why have investors got cold feet?


Frank has turned up with his shovel but the building is on hold and we don’t really know why

An $18 million renovation and rebuilding of Paradise beverages’ brewery has been delayed at the last minute by major shareholder Coca Cola Amatil putting it on hold. No real explanation has been given for the 3 months delay but investors are probably waiting for a new Government to solve what they call “a building problem”. In Frank’s Fiji who knows what’s going on?

Fiji Sun 8 September 2014 Brewhouse delayed

3 Responses to “Why have investors got cold feet?”

  1. Ratu Meli Vunivalu president FFP Says:

    Frank you. Idiot ,you should be hung now ,why did you send your goons to beat up George Speight,you are a disgrace,Magaitinamu

  2. Qalowasa T Says:

    To all people from Tailevu and especially Tailevu North, although you may hate what Speight did, this inhuman treatment he had just received is unacceptable…from the Military who shamed Fiji in Golan Heights a few days ago..they are better in torturing unarmed citizens than fight armed enemies….tells you all kai Tailevu North NOT TO VOTE FOR BAINIMARAMA.

    And the above is also true with all of us in Fiji…WE SHOU;D NOT VOTE FOR BAINIMARAMA…to save our people, return sanity and concern/care for human rights and love for ordinary persons irrespective of your race and circumstances

  3. KB Says:

    Hey Qalo….there are 500 voters at each polling station – go find all those 500 in your polling station and talk to them individually – get a few friends and do it – a grassroots thing….and you will be talking to mostly family and friends – get them out to vote and vote for anyone but FFP.

    If 500 Fijians start doing that today……you can make the difference.

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