Has One Fiji got them worried?

On the same day we read Tui Korocau in Cakaudrove has thrown the support of his people behind One Fiji we hear on Radio Fiji news that One Fiji’s HQ in Suva was broken into and confidential documents relating to the election were stolen. We know SODELPA has got Frank worried, but Frank will be mad that even villages that don’t support SODELPA are not turning to FrankFirst. Bainimarama is mistaken if he thinks stealing One Fiji’s plans will help him.  His problem is 8 years of arrogance and refusal to listen to anyone but Khaiyum.

Radio Fiji news 8 September 2014  Police investigate One Fiji office break-in

FijiLive September 08, 2014 Koroacau supports One Fiji

One Response to “Has One Fiji got them worried?”

  1. KB Says:

    I just cannot understand why Fijians will vote for anyone but SODELPA.

    It does not matter whether you like SODELPA policies or SODELPA leadership…..I don’t like SODELPA that much either.

    But what is my choice…..it is either FFP or SODELPA……so I will hold my nose…and still vote for SODELPA. Let them Indians vote for NFL/FLP/PDP etc..they are on board with SODELPA.

    Don’t mess with this election….it is the most important election in our lifetime.

    ALL FIJIANS MUST vote for SODELPA…otherwise, the Fijian race as you know it will cease to exist……looking back 30 years from now…no GCC, no land, Methodist Church members will decline…..majority living as urban squatters….the Fijian Girmitiyas.
    Landless, poor natives.

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