A thousand people?

This is a thousand people?


The disgraceful propaganda rag, the Fiji Sun, reported a thousand people turned out to greet the FrankFirst team led by the unpopular Khaiyum. If the journalist Sheik Dean counted a thousand people here we don’t want him anywhere near counting on polling.

Fiji Sun September 08, 2014 FijiFirst On a Roll in West

4 Responses to “A thousand people?”

  1. ramram Says:

    My family members were there and they mentioned more than 1000 people attended.

    This is only a small section of the people who attended.

  2. Qalowasa T Says:

    We will vote for SODELPA Bai can have his 1,000 ghosts for support

  3. KB Says:

    Oye Ram Ram Ram Ram …..this is a Fiji Sun picture….and Fiji Sun will give the best picture they got……..if there were a 1000 folks there, I bet the Fiji Sun photographer would have got a better angle for the picture…..just because Fiji Sun support Fiji First, does not mean the Photographer is an idiot.

    As for your family being there also….Is the lady in the front with the blue Hijab….with the little kid….is that the family together with Khaiyum and Sheik Dean reporting…and you go by the name ram ram.

  4. Proofreader Says:

    Like the Road Safety billboard – We will save millions of lives! (In Fiji we don’t even have ONE million)

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