A vote for Frank is a vote for who?

Bainimarama is running this election like it’s him versus all others. His team of candidates is mostly a bunch of no-bodies.  People have heard of the achievements of our one-legged high jumper, and his fancy News Reader with a talent for speaking Hindi and giving racial abuse in Fijian is also well known, but neither is known as a leader whose contributed anything to their community. But if Bainimarama is to win this election it’s these nobodies who get elected.  They get in with the votes of Bainimarama that are over and above what he needs for his seat in the parliament.  Bainimarama is hoping that no-one understands this bu the reality is that everyday more and more people are understanding how this electoral system works.

4 Responses to “A vote for Frank is a vote for who?”

  1. Games over Says:

    It is indeed a very special day when both indian parties will be relegated to the dustbin of history. There is only sodelpa and fijifirst henceforth.

  2. KB Says:

    Dude…do not write of the Indians……go google the term “Balance of Power”.

    One of these parties, even with few seats will hold that “Balance of power”….and will decided who they will put into power.

    As for your two horse race……give me your numbers – Give SODELPA 75% of the Fijian votes – it can only get about 20 seats.

    Indians will not vote for SODELPA – because of its perceived racist policy. However, and Indian party will work together with SODELPA – because they know with their votes they can force SODELPA not to adopt any policy that is racist…otherwise they will withdraw their support……..remember how Chaudhry brought down the Rabuka government.

    So the more important players in this race are the minor Indian parties…and Chaudhry may still come out to be the “King Maker”.

    Show me how SODELPA can will 26 seats?….it just cannot.

    ..and also note….parliamentarians cannot cross the floor after they are elected…..so if SODELPA forms the government, it is impossible for a Fijian member of FF to cross the floor and join SODELPA and give SODELPA an absolute Fijian majority in parliament.

    So SODELPA will have to depend on its coalition partners.

  3. student Says:


    Sodelpa will be in the opposition. Go do your maths.

    NFP will support FF if it holds the balance of power because of the indo fijian support.

    Even tupou said that they will work with FF after elections.

    Sodelpa’s coalition partner will not win any seat.

    Anyway, FF will win more than 26 seats on its own.

  4. KB Says:

    Hey Student…..you still have a lot to learn.
    There is something called reinforcing your arguments.
    “SOLDEPA coalition partner will not win any seats”…Oh yeah!!

    You meet some real dumbass folks in here too.

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