Saneem needs to do something

After the stuff-ups about the dates for pre-polling Saneem has a nerve to say that it’s the responsibility of voters to ensure that they are at their designated polling venues on time. Radio Fiji has confirmed written information from the Fiji Electoral Office contained mistakes.  The difficulties of a one day poll were spelt out for Khaiyum months ago and he ignored them, only to spring pre-polling on a much wider scale and to change the announced schedules. Saneem should do something to avoid future problems, not blame the voters.

Fiji Live 03 September 2014 Onus on voters: Saneem

7 Responses to “Saneem needs to do something”

  1. FICAC Lawyer Says:

    Electrol Commission-tooth-less old and tired tigers.
    Minister of Election: Muslim,
    Supervisor of Election: Muslim.
    Any complains: Goes to FICAC.
    How coincidental. FICAC lawyer is a Muslim too!

  2. KB Says:

    Could it be that Khaiyum appointed folks who were friends and family and it so happens that Khaiyum is a Muslim and his friends and family are Muslims.

    What if the AG for this regime was a Fijian and he appointed all Fijians in this positions – would we be going after all Fijians…of course not, right?

    It is called Nepotism…..folks that you appoint are gonna be the same kind as you are.

    So why go after the Muslims in General…..This Muslim thing is a red herring.
    Besides, most of these “Muslims” who have been appointed are not considered “muslims” by the mainstream Muslim – these are Ahmadiyyas.

    BTW….I am not a Muslim.
    We want to get away from all this racist crap and create something that is going to be much better than what we already have.

    Or do you guys want to go after the Muslims once we win this election and then go after the rest of the Indos.

  3. LOSALINI Says:

    i can still remember bainimarama’s speech in Auckland only a month ago, explicitly saying that there will be only a ONE DAY voting. SHAME on this lying dictator and his stooges for misleading the people of fiji.

  4. JB Says:

    Comments in Fiji Sun today by fiji first leader is very disturbing he is now a civilian guided by the same rules and regulations as other polictical parties.

    Not going to elections is not an option now and whoever wins and has the parliament mandate to change laws, decrees or constitution is the democractic process

    His published comments needs close examination by the election authorities and other governance and control institutions in Fiji to stop this type of behaviour

  5. Rohit Says:

    I am very pleased with the running of election. This pre-election voting in remote rural areas is taking the elections to their footsteps.

    We will see a higher % of voting this time around and that’s democracy.

  6. dredd Says:

    It seems that the regime is not very keen on having every eligible voter cast his/her vote. They know that there is a strong possibility of losing if this happens. So all sorts of tactics are implemented to achieve their objectives. Someone should be taking notes and present it to the relevant international authority to expose their devious schemes.

  7. Tomasi Says:

    Thank you KB and friends. We should not allow ourselves to be distracted. Let us remain focussed on the real issues of our struggle.

    Our Muslim brothers and sisters and fellow citizens are not the issue. Khaiyum and Voreqe and their tyranny and dictatorship are really the issue. Please my fellow citizens and countrymen and women. Let us love one another and respect one another. But we must not compromise when it comes to condemning actions and behaviour that are wrong, dishonest and criminal.

    Voreqe, Khai and their band have done us great injustice. They must be held accountable. Let us never ever condone military coups and associated activities that come with it. Let us pledge to build a nation together, whose greatness and beauty is not about its size,.But more because of our ability to appreciate our multicultural diversity and our desire to work together for our common good in spite of our diversity.

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