Squeezing the lemon to the last drop

What’s in these bins? Votes, I hope.

For nearly 8 years we’ve watched the Bainimarama regime use the powers of government to give hand-outs like they’ve come out of their own pocket.  But handing out rubbish bins paid for by the Koren Government is really squeezing the lemon past the last drop of juice. No mention of who paid for it in the propaganda. For people who pay rates the bins are a right, not some favour.  What do we pay rates for if not to receive a rubbish collection service.

Radio Fiji 2 September 2014  Nasinu ratepayers receive free bins

9 Responses to “Squeezing the lemon to the last drop”

  1. LOSALINI Says:

    shame, shame and double shame.

  2. Ratu. Meli. Vunivalu USA Says:

    What about free Sasa Brome and Taufale don’t forget the taga ni butubutu bai and kai

  3. FF manifesto Says:

    Breaking News: FF Manifesto

    We have ruled this country for the last 7.5 years and our records prove that we will continue to do what we have done from Day 1. Some of these include:
    Education: no one needs to go to school. We made sure that we don’t examine students already, why stress them any further. Don’t go to school.
    Health: we got a new hospital in Navua, more will be made by Chinese. Patients will need to bring buckets or maybe the rubbish bins we donate, since the toilets can’t flush toilet paper. Mothers don’t have to travel to hospitals to deliver babies, they can do that at bus stops, at homes, where ever they want. Patients should bother to come to hospitals for tests and surgery. There is no medicines, if they are supplied, we can not take responsibility for expired or wrong ones. Be assured we will take all care to make sure you don’t survive the surgeries.
    Vat: we miscalculated how much our own families demand. We will increase the vat to 18%, maybe 20%
    Tax:the tax reduction now is just for now, we will soon charge you for using the road, footpaths, bridges, govt buildings. We will bring back radio license which was there ages ago. If you buy bread, food items, cigarettes, alcohol, water, clothes, medicine, all will be taxed since you can’t live without these.
    Media: only FBC and Fiji Sun, nothing else
    Electricity and water: we will make have to increase the deposit for both.
    More to follow
    Vote for FF for a better live for Aiyaaz and Bainimarama

  4. NItya Says:

    So now they will buy votes from Nasinu community by giving them free Rubbish Bins, Hilarious!!!!!!! Fiji First, please also provide them with toilet paper too, they might be convinced that you serve their interest and give vote.

  5. KB Says:

    OK guys, get all the volunteers making those Sasa brooms that SODELPA can give out…..because there is so much dirt over the last 8 years that needs to swept clean.

    Or maybe FF can give out their own broom – for their “clean sweep” in the election – that they will win all 50 seats – what was the guy thinking when he made that statement.

    We are in the home stretch…..every one has to do whatever they can – this election is like no other election we have ever had.

    This is not a vote for SODELPA or FLP or whatever – this is a Vote against the coup makers.

    If you guys don’t get out and vote – then as they say, you get the government you deserve.

    And you Indians……the Indian presence will always be there in Fiji – better start working on a good relationship with the Fijian NOW – when it is not too late.

    A vote for FLP will send that message to Fijians, that we all can work together.

    The public support of FF by many Indians has already made things worse – and those Indians are in Sydney and Auckland – those of you who want to make Fiji your home and the home of your grand children – you need to work with Fijian.

    A good compromise solution is vote FLP – which will work with SODELPA.

    What will you do when your boy Frank is no longer around?

  6. Aaina programme Says:

    Yes, clean up was the talk of Aaina programme on FBC. Madan Shammi Kochan and Veena Bhatyaarin went on and on about why Biman should clean hospital. Aiyaaz accused Tupou of lying, Veena accused Biman of misleading public. No one discussed anything but about cleaning the hospital, what we should be called, why Madam Veena entered politics, what great things the govt has done.Aiyaaz was cleaning his nose and face 80% of the time, making faces and looking down.
    What about things that the regime has done that is not spoken of.The strategy was to not allow anyone to talk about serious issues like tax, education, cost of living, health, infrastucture etc. It is sick to hear the cronies at FBC showing their hero worhsipping of the ‘so called’ gods Aiyaaz and his brother Riyaaz that they have forgotten what the ethics of journalism should be. But why should we call them journalists anyway. They are just make-up queens! Political parties should refuse to go to FBC or Fiji Sun.

  7. Rohit Says:

    NFP and its president confirmed that they will work with Frank post election if he gets elected.

    So much for a party saying they will not be working with those tainted with coup.

    Nfp, so not so clean after all

  8. Rohit says Says:

    Rohit says
    Sounds so much like a desperate Fiji Labour Party candidate who doesn’t know whether he is coming or going. He doesn’t know if he will win. He doesn’t know that no one likes him. He is dreaming to become leader of a party that is already 6 feet under

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