Radio Regime corrects the propaganda rag

Who would have guessed it? Radio Fiji tells us the dates for pre-polling that appeared in yesterday’s Fiji Sun are incorrect due to a formatting error at the Fiji Elections Office.  So the disgraceful Fiji Sun has erred through following the written information supplied by the Fiji Elections Office!  But this is no joke if stuff-ups like this interfere with fairness of the poll.  Let’s hope the international observers group is on guard after this and watching the process carefully.

One Response to “Radio Regime corrects the propaganda rag”

  1. avenai Says:

    Where’s the faggot chairman of the Media Council or whatever its name is? He should be condemning this misreporting which appears to be ill-conceived if not downright unprofessional and stupid. Ashwin Raj pull your tongue of Aiyaz’s stinking butthole and do some real work. Enough ramming of each other’s buttholes with your bum buddies like Matai Akauola, Maika Bolatiki and Leone Cabenatabua and Nemani Delaibatiki. You sonelelevus!!!

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