Has Saneem apologised

SODELPA FB has posted that Saneem has not yet apologised to FLP cadidate Steven Singh for rejecting his nomination even though the mistake was picked up by the Electoral Commission.  Saneem may blame the Electoral Commission for taking too long but he had a duty to get his decision right in the first place. Steven Singh had no conviction and Saneem should have checked that.  He should apologise to Steven Singh for his own mistake, not point the finger at the Electoral Commission.

One Response to “Has Saneem apologised”

  1. tualeita Says:

    Why is it so difficult for people to apologize, repent and confess their wrongs and mistakes?

    Soldiers like Bainimarama and terrorists think that to bash and abuse people to conform to their wills and whims are acts of valour but they, simply, are not so.

    However, repentance and confession, are forms of courage; to admit our own weaknesses and feeling sorry for them. For in doing so, we rise to higher realms of spirituality and become stronger and better people. This is really why God commands us to repent, apologize, and forsake our badness.

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