Render unto Frank whatever he wants


I am the state – render unto me whatever I command

Bainimarama’s arrogance reached new heights yesterday when he proclaimed that hi so-called secular state was the way of Christ.  Last month Wadan Narsey exposed this as a non-issue. SODELPA was simply responding to the persecution of the Methodist Church and did not want to change the long-standing religious freedom observed in Fiji before the so-called secular state was declared. If Bainimarama wants us to believe he’s sincere he has to answer two questions. Why was the Methodist Church the only religion subject to restrictions on its activities? And, secondly, why does the RFMF have a Christian chapel, and a Christian Chaplain with Christian church services? Bainimarama has made a religion a political football just like it was in the bad old days after 1987.

Fiji Live September 01 2014  Christian state logic ‘not the way of Christ’

Fiji Times 9 August 2014  Wadan Narsey  ‘Secular state myth’


8 Responses to “Render unto Frank whatever he wants”

  1. Ratu. Meli. Vunivalu Says:

    Hey. SONA LEVU nomu sotia. E tautauvata vinaka saraga kei. Iko moku laki tikoga o ira na wekada mai. Viti. Ni gauna. Sara sotava kina na meca e kalamu na SONA viritaki nai. Yaragi , kara vaka qara e so na loga tapi mera gutuwa kina ,hihihi!!!!!!

    • samisoni ratu Says:

      Sona levu ga o iko,drau veicai kei tinamu kei tamamu,kua na vosa vakalialia ni ko sega ni kila na ka e yaco tiko,taura na tapi soso maka vei tinamu.kua nai vosa ca taka na mataivalu,o iko na kawa ni ni tamata susu ena tauni,da levu qai boi levu,.na mataivalu e vakayacora tiko nona i tavi, ena vuku ni vanua ko viti,

  2. Tony Bluei Says:

    Sai L
    I have just been passed the following information in relation to the capture of the 44 Fiji UN Soldiers at the Golan Heights!

    Information received from —–…!!!!

    1. Is it true that the members of the captured location were having a birthday party for a senior officer with taralala and kava the whole night and were incapable of a decisive action the next day when the terrorists came knocking??

    2. Is it true that not a single shot was fired and everyone ran into the bomb shelter instead of the gun pit??

    3. Is it true that Lt Col Alipate Vosaicake (a veteran of Lebanon, experienced officer, decisive officer, intelligent and courageous) was sidelined as the Commanding Officer of the Fijibatt Golan Battalion??… “It would have been a different story if he was the CO in Golan”, said —-.

    4. Is it true that 12 x SNCOs including some WOs (the backbone of any army) were off loaded and replaced with young and inexperienced soldiers???

    The citizens of Fiji need answers… credible answers!!!…

  3. Shailesh Says:

    You forgot one thing, most of the men were in the torture squad so good like trying to prosecute frank for crimes against humanity. The living evidence have been handpicked and washed away for a new fiji. You see, on must cover ones tracks to be a great dear leader!

  4. avenai Says:

    The question about the birthday party needs to be truthfully answered and verified by Fiji Batt HQ in Golan. if not true then say so, if true then explain why it could not have affected their decision making and reaction. All facts and factors must be thoroughly investigated by FMF. If the Philipinos are later on judged to have made the right call in fighting back and not following the kulina Indian CO’s orders, which was typical of his kind, then the leader of the 45 was really sleeping on (and did not know) the job and/or got the wrong advice from Fiji Batt HQ or FMF HQ in Fiji. This may be speculative but if so the case, then FMF got to be honest about it, otherwise keeping these facts and factors under wraps will only come to haunt FMF. Sa qai kena I tinitini ga, noda sotia sa na qai boci ga vakai ratou na sotia ni kaidia.

  5. RatuJack Visawaqa Bau. Says:

    Me laki tei eso na loga tapi ena Golan heights mera laki vaka vuvuli gutuwa kina o ira na noda sotia qaqa dau Moku leweni Vanua mai Viti , hihihi hihihi

  6. KB Says:

    There two reasons we have Fijians out there as peace keepers 1. It is the money and 2. It is the international exposure.

    Well, there goes the our reputation and international exposure.
    There must be an investigation as to why we sent untrained, or under trained soldiers – and the investigation should be done by someone independent – not like the investigation that the police do about police brutality.

    Fijian soldiers have a great international reputation for years…as great soldiers…some of the best in the world.

    It is only at home, they end up making coups and beating up on civilians.

  7. samisoni ratu Says:

    na cava era moku kina,ni ra vakamatei ira tale ga sotia,me kua ni saumi,yavu tamata dau vakarorogo vei ira na turaga bale ni noda vanua,ka ra vesu mona taki tu,turaga bale ravarava,ka ra vakavuna na coup ni 1987 kei na 2000,me tarovi me kua ni qai yaco tale na vuaviri.
    Ia vei kemuni kece na vosa beci ira na mataivalu,mo ni tukuna tale ga na ca ni nona taura vakaukauwa na matanitu o ira na turaga bale lawaki ca ni noda vanua.

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