Regime fine tunes its propaganda

At last someone in the Ministry of Information has realised that it does more harm than good to try to pretend that almost no-one supports SODELPA. It’s like the way the propaganda machine had to stop reporting water problems had been solved . People know whether there’s water coming out of their taps or not. Propaganda can’t make people imagine water. Now the regime’s propaganda mill has admitted that there’s a lot of support for SODELPA. They’ve got SODELPA up to 22% and other parties up to 8%.  The real clue to what’s going on is the answer to the question about which daily newspaper is providing the most coverage of the elections?  According to the Fiji Sun, the answer was that 70% said the Fiji Sun, the same magical number that supports FijiFirst.  The numbers are still fiction but they’re a little more believable.

Fiji Sun 1 September 2014 A Two-Party Race

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