The big lie


The biggest liar of them all

It was Hitler who first followed the philosophy of the Big Lie – believing that in politics only a Big Lie will work. Bainimarama has now found his really big lie, claiming that Laisenia Qarase had prior knowledge of the Speight coup. He knows the truth, that he, Bainimarama, was warned about the Speight coup but he left the country to attend a waste-time conference in Norway.  When he returned he let the turmoil run, thinking he could use it to his advantage.  He even tried to have himself appointed as Interim PM. He remains close to Inoke Kubuabola and Jim Ah Koy despite the knowledge that they were part of the shadowy group in the background before Speight. Bainimarama even tried to appoint the alleged real leader of the Speight coup, former Police Commissioner, Isikia Savua, to one of his Charter Committees before he realised this would expose his close links to Savua. Bainimarama hopes that voters who are ignorant of the facts will believe this whopping lie.

8 Responses to “The big lie”

  1. jack visawaq Says:

    then bainimarama eliminated Savua

  2. It's free rubbish bins also Says:

    The richest party is throwing thousands on car banners, billboards, tv, digital, newspaper and radio advertising. Not forgetting free bus rides, free bouncing castles, free food and it gets better: free rubbish bins too! Both Baini and Aiyaaz look like they haven’t slept for days. The desperation is now very evident. What will they give free next we wonder.

  3. kele Says:

    At least its free. What else would you want.


    It just shows the level of desperation of this regime and the way it is wooing the brain dead citizens who are happy to receieve free rubbish bins. Welcome of the world of Animal Farm.

    Go and get one for yourself-atleast you can put all the Chinese trash in the name of food we are buying from shops now. If there is space left, store the Fiji First posters in it too.

    Good luck

    “Man serves the interests of no creature except himself.”
    ― George Orwell, Animal Farm

  5. Van Damme Says:

    Daughters and wives free soon……….repeating the same thing day in and day out is Bai the dickhead,,,,,sa da oca mai……eat drink and be merry and I shall vote SDLPA…….yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. RatuJack Visawaqa Bau. Says:

    Free Sasa Brome ,taufale,reki and kutari, frank sara vakalialiai iko na kaidia, ca ga na vuli vaka vo.hehehe!!!!!!!.

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