Most in the dark about land

The Fiji Times Tebbutt poll has found that the great majority of voters think that land is a very important issue in the upcoming election but only half of voters think they understand what’s at stake.  This shows us what’s wrong with the Bainimarama regime.

Fiji Times 30 August 2014 Majority want to know more about land

One Response to “Most in the dark about land”

  1. KB Says:

    That is it…..your land will be gone – the writing is on the wall.

    Did the Native Americans have deeds to any land in North America…see what happened. .

    Go read the new constitution – how they can take away your land. It is easy. And they have been doing it all over the world.

    Take away your land and give it to others…….

    And as they say, without land, you ain’t Sh*t.

    Take a stand now, for your grand children…..otherwise they will not forgive you for this.

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