The starter’s gun has fired

Free-Riders on the Blue Bus of Corruption

The announcement of polling stations for the September 17 election is the starter’s gun for the race to get voters to the polls. Up to now parties have been busy countering the propaganda lies of the Ministry of Misinformation. From now on they will be planning how to assist voters to understand the game of Election Sudoko and where they have to play. Let the race begin. The parties whose members believe in what they stand for have an opportunity to explain to voters how they can use the monster form. It will take a lot of personal hard work to make sure people understand how to use it and the parties, the real parties with real members, will meet the challenge better that the Free-Riders on the Blue Bus of Corruption.

10 Responses to “The starter’s gun has fired”

  1. aslamkhan-thepigdoer Says:

    Those little kids must be him and Mary’s fat grandpiglets. All beneficiaries of ill-begotten, undreamt of wealth and privilege which their parents (Frank and Mary’s own fat piglets) unashamedly presume it was theirs by right all along. May they all be hanged alive with the likes of slack slut Nazhat and her family, Gates and his homo partners, those Sri Lankan judges and businessmen, and not forgetting gay Aiyaz Khaiyum.

  2. losalini Says:

    my gut feeling is that voters will have a hard time getting to their polling stations, no buses, taxis, etc.. on polling day. my advice: “camp out near your polling station the night before”!

  3. Grass-e Says:

    A number of sodelpa supporters will vote for NFP.

    Makes FF winning even more eaiser.

  4. Fiji first bus Says:

    The million dollar political party’s empty bus is seen roaming around Suva. Interestingly it goes past bus stops where people are waiting for a bus. It doesn’t stop to pick anyone- even if the bus is heading in the same direction that people want to go. So much for being a party for Fiji and it’s people. After all with million dollars party has enough money to burn fuel. Wake up Fiji if it has no compassion for you now, imagine what will it do after getting your vote.

  5. KB Says:

    Have you guys figured out how this election works?

    How does a SODELPA person switching his vote to NFP hel FFP?

    Guys……..Vote for anybody BUT FFP – and we win.

    SODELPA is the big party…and almost every other party will support SODELPA in parliament…..the only doubt I have is about NFP – can’t trust them, because if they see FLP forming a coalition with SODELPA – they might want to remain “independent”…..the PDP – at the end of they will come around to support SODELPA even if FLP is in there.

    VOTE a NO VOTE for FFP – anyone else but FFP.

  6. tala tala Says:

    A lower vote for sodelpa means lower seat allocation. A lower seat allocation means less chance of being in govt and more chance to be in the opposition

  7. Kele Says:

    Crowd at FF family day at syria park was around 5,000.

    Crowd at NFP rally in lautoka was less than 100.

    Crowd that attended Nirmal singhs rally was only 3.

    I rest my case.

  8. KB Says:

    The smaller “Indian” parties will hold the balance of power. Whoever they go with, that party will form the government.

    And it looks like, even if they don’t like SODELPA leadership, the Indian parties like FLP will back SODELPA with their few seats – and push SODELPA over the 26 seats required.

    Kele….folks don’t show up at other party rallies because they are intimidated. Where others show up at FF just for show…..many of them will vote for other parties.

  9. rohit Says:


    You got it wrong mate. The small parties will not cross the 5% threshold so any coalition with sodelpa will not assist them. Infact, it will help FF as they will be the largest party with the highest votes. Ask someone who knows a little bit of maths.

    Except, FF and sodelpa, no other party will get 5% of the votes.

    Nfp will get around 3%, flp 2%, pdp 2%, one fiji 2%, united fiji and the indipendants will get combined 1%.

    So approx 10% of the votes would be wasted and help improve the seats allocated to FF and sodelpa.

  10. KB Says:

    Rohit – I beg to differ.
    The independents are a waste of time – they will not get the 5% – so a vote for Independent is a waste of your vote.
    As for your 2% and 3% number, I don’t know what part of your anatomy are you pulling those numbers out of – BTW, are you also going with the FFP 90% or all 50 seats.
    I guess that is your MATH.

    I have reason to believe that SODELPA will get about 20 seats – that is with about 65-75% of the Fijian votes. They will then need six more seats from a coalition partner to push them over.

    With your percentages, are you implying that 90% of the Indos are going to vote for FF. I think 35-40% of the Indos will be voting for a party other then FF – that is where they will have their 6 to 8 seats.

    Hey guy, 90% of Indo’s will never do anything together – even if you had Mahatma Gandhi running – 90% of the Indos won’t vote for him.

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