Groenewald makes first base

The news that 4 officers have been suspended pending investigations into the death in custody of Vilikesa Soko is without doubt the best news we’ve had for a long time into deaths at the hands of the police, military and orison officers under Bainimarama.  Past investigations were slow, grudging and driven only by media exposure. To make second base Groenewald has to follow up on the torture video. Does anyone doubt that the failure to investigate a crime that was actually filmed, and the open backing given to the perpetrators by Bainimarama, contributed to the latest death.  Lazy unprofessional policing will not solve our crime problem.

Fiji Times August 26, 2014 Soko’s death: Police,4, suspended pending investigations

3 Responses to “Groenewald makes first base”

  1. Muki Says:

    This is another scapegoat tectic followed like the one Election supervisor and commissioner had last week. They were cleavers set up by the BainiKaiyum

  2. Tomasi Says:

    You may be right Muki. But it’s at least a first step in the right direction. Let’s see what the final outcome will be, then we shall know for sure? For the sake of Soko and other families who have suffered immensely, let us hope and pray for real change of attitude and action from our police force under the new Comm. Vinaka

  3. KB Says:

    Muki, you right ….this is just to make the regime look good. why did they not investigate the other incident where the escaped prisoner had his leg amputated because of the brutal torture and we have a video of this.
    Here, they had to do something because election is coming up.

    BTW – I thought the Commissioner would be smart guy and from the word go should have said that we will investigate and then let the guys go. But what he said first was that the victim was a sickly guy and did not take his medication and thus died of internal bleeding.

    Really – anyone with a half a brain would have done a better PR job, even when they are trying to protect the police.

    This the caliber of people we have running the show.

    BTW – you must kill a chicken to scare the monkeys (杀鸡儆猴). and they have been doing this for a while to instill the fear the in the population.

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