Electoral Commission moves on – Khaiyum stuck on blame

While the Electoral Commission remains focused on ensuring elections take place and doing all they can to make sure that FijiFirst plays by the rules, Khaiyum can’t help himself. He takes to Radio Regime run by his brother to lecture the Electoral Commission. If they’d sought a legal opinion from his puppet Solicitor-General, instead of independent advice, they wouldn’t have needed to take their case to his puppet judiciary.
Radio Fiji 25 August 2014 Court case could have been avoided: Elections Minister
Fiji One News 25 August 2014 Electoral Commission will ensure elections take place

3 Responses to “Electoral Commission moves on – Khaiyum stuck on blame”

  1. dredd Says:

    Trues up man this nerd of an ag makes me sick to hear all his ranting and blaming antics and tries to make himself perfect and smarter than others like the very commission he himself appointed. When the commission started to try and go straight iarse throws up a tantrum and issue a lecture. For this villain I do not want ff to win.

  2. losalini Says:

    does Fiji want anothe 4 years of this Ulukau’s ranting and lectures?.

  3. KB Says:

    This time the idiots did not draft the degree property – that is why there differing legal opinions.

    On the other hand, the intentionally make things ambiguous – like when can the government take away Native Land – they they can go to court and have a ruling in their favour.

    That is how they play the game.

    BTW – if the AG didn’t want to lose on this issue, how do you expect to lose the election.

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