The Cassava Patch runner makes another dash

If there is one thing we can surely all agree on now about JVB, our unelected PM, it’s that he can’t face the heat. At his Sydney meeting he made sure that anyone who could ask him hard questions couldn’t get through the front door. He knows he can’t answer questions and has to rely on Fiji Sun to print statements written by Qorvis. When he held a media conference only hand-picked journalists were allowed. An independent journalist from Australia’s ABC was turned away. The cassava Patch coward runs as fast from independent journalists as he does from gunfire at QEB.

Fiji Times August 24, 2014 Mixed reactions

4 Responses to “The Cassava Patch runner makes another dash”

  1. Meli Vunivalu USA Says:


  2. Aunty Nur Says:

    This is extremely disrespectful and simply not true. Our great PM has shown many times that he is an extremely eloquent debater, his superior intelligence allows him to think on his feet and respond to any challenge that some mediocre ABC journo would throw at him. He has the support of all people in Fiji who are equally brilliant and as highly educated as the great leader. So stop spreading these lies or you will face a physical debate with our great leader’s enforcement squad. I can assure that this will be an unpleasant experience.

  3. losalini Says:

    FijiSun is pushing the knife further into the Itaukei’s sense of identity by its photo titled “Bainimarama surrounded by Fijians” showing the dictator surrounded by victorious indo fijians (many muslims) and no Itaukei face in sight. The Indofijians have benefitted from the Bai/Khaiyum coup while the Itaukei have lost considerably and when the majority of indofijians openly support Bai and FijiFirst, then they are setting themselves up for “revenge” when the next military coup occurs. The Indofijians should do the right things and vote for the party that supports democracy, rule of law, human rights, and freedom of speech; Not a treasonous dictator like Bainimarama.

  4. lodoni Says:

    This falla always want to be a rugby player, but never even played one game of serious rugby. He could not take the hard physical life in RKS and was a weakling around the school back then. Not surprising that some boys took advantage of this weakness and raped him. He left the school because of that. Now he talks tough when he’s got guns behind him. He needs not only paper but also plenty coconut husk to block that big ar..h.le.

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