Groenewald face his first big test

The death of Vilikesa Soko, who was in police custody when he was taken to hospital with internal bleeding, will be the first real test of our new Compol Groenewald.  He’s shown he can wear the uniform and say all the right things.  Now let’s see if he can enforce the law without fear or favour.  Radio Regime claims Groenewald said Soko had refused medical treatment before he died. That’s not the issue. The question is how did he get the injuries?  Will Groenewald just accept whatever BS is served up, as with the torture video?  This death happened on his watch – he has to answer.

Radio Fiji 21 August 2014 Police neither confirm nor denies alleged beating

5 Responses to “Groenewald face his first big test”

  1. tualeita Says:

    It remains to be seen whether or not Police Commissioner Groenewald will be on a par with Former Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes. Isikia Savua and Teleni were puppets to their military commander when they took office as Police Commissioners.

    Groenewald has to be seen to be fair and just not only to the leaders he serves under but more so to the citizens who pay him.

  2. Back to the Future Says:

    @Tualeita, are you OK? you are asking stupid questions about whether or not Commissioner Groenewald can be fair. Hello…! he is a regime puppet and will follow what Khaiyum tells him. Wake up people,

  3. Tomasi Says:

    Tauleita, I agree with you on many things, but not on this one na wekaqu. I think BTF is right. ComPol is simply a guard dog and the chief guard dog. He is Vorere’s servant, not the people’s servant. He serves Vorere and the regime’s purpose and schemes, not the people of Fiji. Let’s watch him after the election, when a new government miraculously comes into power. If he changes, then we will definitely know he came for the easy steak and not to hunt. That tells us he is most unreliable and should be transported back to Pretoria post haste.

    However, If he does not change and displays similar behavioural characteristics, then we will know he wants to be effectively retired. But before we do that, we must give him a full interview to ascertain what on earth he came to do here and why? We owe the people of Fiji that privilege. And then, use that as a lesson to find and appoint a real man who is not a dog just looking for a fat piece of steak in paradise.

  4. KB Says:

    Young Fijian man dies in Police Custody.

    The autopsy report – Pulmonary embolism was cause by immobilization – yeah right!!! some doctor wrote that in the report. Some one should find out who was this doctor.

    With the sign of trauma and the severe beating, this, more likely was due to severe beating to the lower legs, or it could have been caused by a large bone in the body (such as the thigh bone) breaking, and fat from the bone marrow can travel through the blood. If the fat reaches the lungs, it can cause PE. Or something like that.

    Fournier’s Gangrene and necrotising fasciitis – Trauma to the genitalia is a frequently recognized vector for the introduction of bacteria that initiate the infectious process. Typical assault of people in custody by police.

    Alleged traumatic rectal injury – didn’t you see that in the video where they beat up that escaped prisoner – some was trying to insert something up his rectum.

    So they beat him in the genital area and put some foreign object up his rectum – this is sick. And the authorities condone this. The Police Commissioner, the government and everyone else involved will cover this up.

    The Police Commissioners initial comments, ” the deceased was known to be sickly, had refused to take medication during his stay at the hospital and had internal bleeding.”

    The doctor who said that the “Pulmonary embolism was cause by immobilization” – that is like when you sit in the plane for a long flight and don’t move, get a blood clot and that goes into your lung….yeah right!!!

    Sad…….the man was a rugby coach, Family man – had three very young daughters, and was apprehended by the police when a group of villages and the police chased him down and arrested him.

    Police brutality has been part of our police culture – if was there before the Bainimarama regime – but in an authoritarian regime, this only gets worse.

  5. tualeita Says:

    Thank you for clearing things up for me KB and Tomasi.

    Soko obviously died as a result of police brutality which Greonewald has to answer for. His lame response that Soko died of some sort of sickness is an apparent lie.

    So we have another new one of Bainimarama’s and Khaiyum’s puppets on our hands in our current Police Commissioner.

    They must be thinking that we a stupid people in Fiji. What an insult.

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