Five reasons why Frank cut taxes for the rich

Lolesh Sharma (Sun Insurance) Kanti Tappoo, Dewan Chand Maharaj (Quality Print) Jim ah Koy and Vinod Gokal

These are five of the big business men who are thought to be donating to Frank First for the Big Blue Bus of corruption.  They have all benefited from the big tax cuts given to companies and they know how to show their gratitude.  Meanwhile the rest of us are filling the FrankFirst pork barrel with VAT.


3 Responses to “Five reasons why Frank cut taxes for the rich”

  1. annon Says:

    And some of them also gave to NFP, including Vinod patel, yp reddy, tacirua transport.

  2. Tomasi Says:

    Thank you but the blame should ultimately rest on Vorere, and Auyaz. When they are apprehended, then we can go about investigating the evil rats and fat cats that prop them up. Let’s not the legal evil minds and brains, Gay Anthony and Shameem. Its gonna be another long and challenging battle post election.

  3. AG Says:

    Check this out on Croz’ blog. Really funny:

    Thank you Croz for this guideline which has been long overdue. The media is so full of BS that we have to test everything we read. I used your guideline on a very recent piece of news peddled by an Australian media outlet, the ABC:
    “Fiji’s military leader has been greeted by protesters in Sydney as he campaigns ahead of next month’s post-coup elections.

    Hundreds of Fijian citizens attended a rally in Sydney’s south-west to coincide with a visit by Frank Bainimarama. Supporters of Mr Bainimarama and others approved by his government were allowed inside Canterbury Town Hall for a question-and-answer session. However, other members of the Fijian community, including those in the Fiji Democracy Freedom Movement, were not allowed in and protested outside. A line of police stopped the protesters from entering the hall. The protesters said the election process favoured Mr Bainimarama’s party, Fiji First. They also condemned Australia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop for allowing Mr Bainimarama to visit.

    Now lets check this:
    1.My own view: This message is not credible as our PM has 100% support from Fijians inside and outside the country. The ABC therefore spreads lies.
    2. Credibility: Unlike fair and unbiased blogs like yours, the ABC is known to have a huge agenda against Fiji which they consider to be ruled by human rights abusing thugs. Everybody knows that this is not true. Fiji is democratically government by an intelligent, benign and compassionate civilian who rightfully campaigns to win all seats in a free and fair election. So no credibility for ABC.
    3. The writer is not a professional journalist but a campaigner who is allowed by a very inadequate regulatory framework for media in Australia. Such reporting would never be allowed in Fiji where a modern legislation is in place that commits journalists to be professional and constructive.
    4. The writer had no first hand knowledge of what happened and got her information from the anti-government blog C4.5. The picture shown on ABC is a fake and shows protesters in Ferguson USA.
    5. The story was only reported on anti-government blogs and has therefore no credibility at all. If there was even the slightest kernel of truth, Croz would have picked the story up and reported it in a truly unbiased fashion.
    6. The story is based on false claims and shaky assumptions. There is no resistance against Fiji’s leadership as dozens of polls by the Fiji Sun (the only credible newspaper) have shown.

    To sum up, the ABC article fails the BS test on all six counts. It should be immediately removed from the ABC website and the journalist should be punished in line with the Fijian Media Decree. Unfortunately, there is no agreed regional standard for the media and the culprit will go unpunished.

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