Too much information

“Please don’t bore me with details thinks Frank who wouldn’t dream of having any treatment in Fiji, let alone the CWM”

Last week Fiji Times presented a lovely puff piece of our yet to be elected PM presiding over the opening of a newly commissioned operating theatre at the CWM hospital. Unfortunately this was followed by a presentation of some of the uncomfortable facts about the way the CWM works in the era of Frankenstein medicine.  Dr Josese Turagava explained that 73 out of 5189 patients died during operations at the CWM.  In trying to explain Dr Turagava had to admit that poor record keeping at the CWM meant he had not been able to get cases older than 2012 so he really didn’t know what was going on.  That’s alright said Frank, looking bored, I wouldn’t dream of having any treatment anyway.

Fiji Times 19 August 2014  Death under the knife

2 Responses to “Too much information”

  1. losalini Says:

    thanks to Bainimarama giving more money to the military to keep him in power, the hospitals and health centers are now in horrible states. Bai/Khai and all family and supporters know this and only go to the Private Hospital.

  2. Tomasi Says:

    Yes Losalini, for now. But the day will come when no doctor or nurse or medical expert or fancy hospital will be able to help them. They know they have done great wrongs and their conscience will accuse them, their minds will fail them. They will never know real peace. Their spiritual state will translate into their physical sickness. We the people of Fiji will witness the transformation. They will require more medicines, injections, drips, beds and rest until the day they will not need these things anymore. All they will need is a sheet to cover their dead bodies and after that, it is over to their families. What will their end be like? That is one question they are asking right now? Not only their physical end, but their eternity.

    For Au-yaz, maybe he will then meet his god allah and his virgins, being a very fiery and faithful muslim and follower of Mohamed. But for Vo-rere, he certainly knows his end if he knows his Bible. His military chaplain must have counselled him. His many tatala friends must have shared with him about righteousness, justice and God’s coming judgement. Unless both these people humble themselves and confess their sins and turn away from their current path, their end is certain. The pit of fire and unimaginable torment in absolute darkness.

    The people are already suffering when sick. Imagine what it feels when you take a sick relative to the hospital and you are told there is no bed, no medicine, no nurse, no doctor available? You can wait or try the Suva private hospital. This happens on a regular basis. And people die as a result. So sad to have this happening. But what is so disheartening is that the two prominent criminals Vo-rere and Au-yaz want to hold onto power for as long as they want. And they will continue to spend money however they like with no accountability. Just think about that and pray that God will hear our prayers.

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