Thanks to the election investment is returning

The regime’s propaganda rag, the Fiji Sun, has again accidentally let the truth slip out in its pro-regime propaganda.  They’re boasting that investment from Australia is up 559%, but what they’re really revealing is that in 2012 investment from Australia amounted to only $51.5 million.  When they say “it is therefore clear that Australian investors are returning to Fiji” they are admitting that Australian investors deserted us when we had a regime that rules without a constitution and elections.  Well done Rachna Lal!

Fiji Sun August 19 2014   Australian investment up 559%

One Response to “Thanks to the election investment is returning”

  1. losalini Says:

    Fiji Sun and Qorvis pro-regime propaganda at it again. Have they not yet realized that the fijian people are fed up with all these lies.

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