Bainimarama’s dirty tax secret is out

Thanks to the Audit reports Bainimarama was forced to release we can now see whose been paying all the taxes for Frank to use for vote buying.  It’s you and me, paying VAT and other indirect taxes, not regime mates, the high income earners or big businesses paying company tax. In 2006, before the coup income tax and company tax totalled almost $450 million. In 2012 income tax and company tax had grown to only $493 million.  Allowing for all the inflation, which we know from the prices we have to pay for basics has  been high, this is a big fall in real dollars.  Over the same period indirect taxes jumped from, $781 million to $1229 million.  That’s an increase of 57%. This is what Frank calls ‘reform’.

11 Responses to “Bainimarama’s dirty tax secret is out”

  1. james Says:

    Hahahaha another stupid analysis by Neelesh Goundar, the right cherry of Biman.

    During the said period, corporate tax rate was reduced by almost 30% and the personal income tax rate also reduced by a similar margin and the min tax threshold was raised by 100%.

    So the reform of the tax wasn’t bad as it yielded a significant increase in indirect taxes.

  2. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Well done james. You understand that cutting the tax rate companies pay and income tax rate means that the wealthy are paying less tax than they did in 2006.

    Of course, we all knew tax rates were cut for the wealthy but we didn’t know just how much the tax burden had shifted from the rich to the poor. NFP’s plan to cut VAT shows they understand this and the figures in the Audit Reports confirm their judgment. Their message is biting with voters, but you know that don’t you.

  3. james Says:

    Sorry, but who pays more Vat. Its not the poor. If the rich take more pay home, they would spend it on car, house, clothes etc and end up paying vat.

    So the rise in vat collection is not because the poor are paying more tax, its the rich. Secondly, the lower income tax is also because the income tax threshold was doubled to $16k. So pls donconfuse yourself or other people.

    BTW, your post above sound like a NFP mouth piece.

  4. Aiyaaz's cheery at RBF Says:

    James sounds like the cherry in the form of Aiyaaz’s lover boy at RBF living in glasshouse.

  5. james Says:

    NFP – not for parliament

    No of seats in parliament since 1999: 0
    No of seats in 2014: 0

  6. Ratu Says:

    NFP lies continues. Typical NFP.

    God grant us the final wish and give peace to NFp.

  7. Ram Raju Says:

    People in the north will vote for sodelpa and FF parties only. So NFP and FLP should not waste their money and our time.

  8. its that simple Says:

    The choice is simple.

    A vote for Fiji First is a vote for the coup, violence, fear, intimidation, oppression, arrogance, elitism and NON-DEMOCRACY.

  9. Ram Raju Says:

    NFP support Rabuka, the father of all the coups.

  10. conscience vs brain washed Says:

    Ram Raju-so you would support FF? check your conscience if you know the meaning of teh word! read these facts..

    Fiji’s self-imposed Prime Minister and leader of the FijiFirst party, who is also Fiji’s lying, corrupt dictator and self-promoted and unqualified rear Admiral (Ret), Voreqe Bainimarama, has given his assurance that he will accept the outcome of the elections next month.

    Bainimarama, however, has lied, murdered CRW soldiers and an unborn child, committed treason and corruption and sedition, stolen native lands, beaten citizens and broken every promise he has made since overthrowing the democratically elected Qarase government in 2006, and NOW he wants everyone to believe that finally he is has spoken the truth! Bullshit!

    C4.5 reports that Fiji’s Ministry of Finance has released financial reports relating to Bainimarama and Khaiyum’s illegal, corrupt and fraudulent use of Fiji’s public funds from 2006-2012 and they claim [as directed by the corrupt and lying dictator] that the reports have been Audited as it is signed by the Auditor General. They are NOT AUDITED ACCOUNTS! They are FALSE accounts!

    These are not the Auditor General’s Report, which people have been waiting for. Bainimarama and Khaiyum have published fabricated reports, which is part of their plan to make a fool of the Fijian people into voting for them!

    REMEMBER THAT BAINIMARAMA IS A LIAR. Bainimarama’s many lies include:
    1.Said the 1997 Constitution would be preserved – abrogated in 2009;

    2.Said no soldier would benefit from the coup – 53 currently occupy senior civil service positions and many benefited from Board appointments;

    3.Said there would be no corruption – over 10,000 cases of corruption in 2013 and no auditor general reports have been released;

    4.Said former Qarase government mismanaged the economy – has run trebled public debt since 2007 with Fiji NOW facing its highest levels of unemployment,
    highest levels of poverty, and lowest levels of foreign investments and highest cost of living ever in Fiji’s history;

    5.Said the PRTU Bill and the payment of salaries of former politicians, whilst in jail was wrong – got his brother in law, Francis Kean, let off a murder charge with two weeks prison time and on full salary;

    6.Spoke about Qarase and his cronies – all appointments by Bainimarama are of his lackeys or family members;

    7.Speaks of political emancipation – puts in place the restrictive anti voter/ anti political party PPRD;

    8.Says native land is safe – then he removes entrenched provisions that protected native lands in all previous constitutions.

    Naisoso Island Corruption

    New title for mangrove islands
    Have you ever wondered how Khaiyum’s mother, Latifa, managed to purchase a couple of beach front properties on Naisoso Island for a million dollars each? See Michael Fields article. No money changed hands, which suggests a bribe for services.

    The connection with Latifa and Naisoso Island lies with Robert Edward Lowres, Managing Director of RELCORP Fiji ltd, who was appointed to the board of Investment Fiji, by Khaiyum.

    Investigations have found that Mr Rex Hollows had an agreement to purchase the island from Jerald Scofield. However, Walter Morgan of Mitchel Kiel and Associates, was representing Glenn Inger, the ex Warehouse founder. Mr Inger and Mr Hollows were planning to develop four resorts on Naisoso Island. But Walter Morgan, was also a director of Bob Lowres’ company, and he informed Lowres of the Naisoso situation and together they contacted Scofield directly and managed to swindled Naisoso from Rex Hollows. This was a direct conflict of interest by Walter Morgan.

    After Bainimarama’s coup, Lowres hooked up with Khaiyum and Bainimarama who intimidated and threatened lawyers wanting to represent Rex Hollows. They managed to keep Hollows from taking legal action against Lowres. Hollows had been trying to assert his rightful ownership of Naisoso. Lowres had also managed to get Hollows banned from entering Fiji, where Hollows’ mother was born, in Levuka. But it did not end here.

    Transfer to Director Lands
    What is also interesting is how a 96 acre Naisoso island [as shown in its original title] managed to grow to over 200 acres! A part of this increase involved three little nearby piles of mangrove, approx. 10 acres, [see Figure 1] which were transferred, with their own individual titles, to the Director of Lands in 2009! [See figure 2.]. Why would Government want to create new titles for Crown land that the Government already owned?

    These three little islands didn’t exist before and were created out of the surrounding native lands. Extra land has also been created along the width of the island.

    Tiri/dogo have also been cut away to make way for the waterways around the island so boats can reach private jetties. This infringes native fishing rights.

    Lowres, a foreigner at the time, was therefore required to bring his own money from overseas. Records show that Lowres borrowed in excess of $70 million from both the ANZ Bank in Fiji [two amounts of $54,146,000.00 and $5,000,000.00] and $11,040,750.00 from the Fiji Development Bank [FDB]. FDB was second in line for repayments.

    The $450 million project got off the ground in 2009 with the illegal Minister of Tourism, Khaiyum, [23 April 2009] saying in his speech to launch the project, “I have been bed ridden for nearly a week due to illness, however, I have got out of bed given the importance of the occasion”, Khaiyum goes on to say “it is also unique because it has also forged a partnership between a private financier ANZ and the statutory entity of FDB. While the bulk of the funding has been facilitated by ANZ, FDB has catered for that crucial component.” There is no record of Lowres contributing any substantial off-shore funds into the project. Judges and experienced lawyers and FICAC have agreed that fraud and corruption had taken place between Robert [Bob] Lowres and various lawyers, Ministers and possibly even judges.

    The people of Fiji have only heard about the corruption and failures at Momi Bay and Natadola. There is more Bainimarama corruption being undertaken by the illegal AG and Minister of Tourism, Khaiyum. Investigations are continuing!


    Shazzer & Grubby report that in Khaiyum’s Fiji we have seen over 500 decrees. Every one was written to help Khaiyum and Bainimarama increase their control over Fiji. Every recent one was has been written to make sure they win Fiji’s first Dictocratic Elections.

    There have been decrees and judgments written to specifically damage all opposition to Khaiyum:

    • The Media
    • The Unions
    • Political Parties
    • Specific Politicians
    • NGOs
    • Individuals
    • Military Officers
    • Public Sphere
    • The Police
    • Freedom of Speech
    • Good Governance
    • Transparency
    Remember a vote for Fiji First is a vote for Khaiyum,


    Shazzer & Grubby report that Bainimarama said: “The biggest problem we have is climate change.” OK.

    But what about bread-and-butter issues?
    What about jobs?
    What about the cost of living?
    What about health?
    What about education?
    What about transparency? and the rest!!

    2 Corinthians 11:14 says, “Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.” AND this is what Frank Bainimarama is doing while campaigning for votes and funds. Bainimarama is telling Fiji and the world that he is Fiji’s light to a better Fiji, under his dictatorship. BUT after eight years of Bainimarama’s dictatorship our beloved Fiji is facing its worst levels of
    •high unemployment
    •high poverty
    •high cost of living
    •high corruption and nepotism,
    •child deaths from malnutrition
    •theft of native lands

    While most Prime Minister’s jump at the chance to face the media, Bainimarama is afraid to face foreign journalists. They will ask difficult questions that will reinforce to the world Bainimarama’s lack of ability and intelligence befitting a Prime Minister.

    Bainimarama’s lies and fear tactics wont work on NZ journalists. So being the lying, corrupt dictator that he is, Bainimarama hid form the media and had other people answering questions put to him. As FijiFirst party leader Bainimarama shows that he is a leader by fear and lies, and he ended up looking like the puppet and a fool that we all know him to be.

    Both native Fijians and indo-Fijians need to fear Bainimarama. He is destroying native Fijian identify, land rights, customs and traditions and stealing Fiji’s wealth. Already Bainimarama has insulted and destroyed the Great Council of Chiefs and the Methodist Church leadership. Under Bainimarama and khaiyum there is no rule of law and native Fijians are no longer Fijians! They have been degraded! For now at least. Bainimarama’s so called equal citizenry is also driving a greater wedge between native Fijians and indo-Fijians, that has the real potential to develop into something more nasty. The innocent will be caught in the middle.

  11. MAX Says:

    I dont give a rats a$$ who runs FIJI and who steals money, as long as there is peace in the country the cops ability to arrest and have violent offenders imprisoned. who gives a sh*t

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