Frank desperate for Indo-Fijian candidates

It seems Frank’s First Family First Party has been so desperate to find Indo-Fijian candidates they’ve nominated Praveen Bala, Khaiyum’s town boss for Lautoka and Ba who is still facing charges of causing death by dangerous driving.  And after FDN protested that Bala has received a third adjournment in his charges because he was a regime crony a report has surfaced on Fiji Leaks that the regime is anxious to process Bala through a tame magistrate to get him off the hook.

Fiji Leaks

3 Responses to “Frank desperate for Indo-Fijian candidates”

  1. tualeita Says:

    Any Indo-Fijian would be stupid if he/she were to join Bainimarama’s and Khaiyum’s FFP. With their diminishing population in Fiji, their representatives in Parliament will dwindle too and their needs as to their cultures, customs and traditions would be difficult to attain.

    The previous constitutions had always provided for communal and ethnic national seats to ensure that all ethnic groups were represented in Parliament.

  2. KB Says:

    You are correct Tualeita. When the Indos made up more than 50% of the population, and at one time they did, a common roll voting was good for then. That is what the Fijians were opposed and they is why guaranteed ethnic seats.

    Today, it is the other way around and the Indian and it makes more sense for Indians to support communal seat.

    Anyway, what the Indian should do is focus on the “balance of power”. Neither FF nor SODELPA will get absolute majority – so both of them would need the Indian Party votes to form a government.

    That is where their power is – and they should use it – and support SODELPA.
    That is why the Indian should vote Labour this time.

  3. annon Says:

    FF will win 65% of the votes but will get approx 70% of the seats as apart from sodelpa no other party will pass the minimum 5% threshold.

    So forget about no party getting an absolute majority. FF will win and even prof wadan will eat his words or tatti

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