Khaiyum’s private police force

Khaiyum has ordered FICAC to investigate comments made by former PM Qarase about the ballot paper.  Khaiyum claims Qarase was inciting hatred when he linked the numbering system on the new ballot papers to the Muslim’s holy book but it’s FICAC investigating, not the the police.  Is this why Khaiyum made sure his FICAC decree gave FICAC officers the power to arrest and search, including the power to arrest without a warrant? They used their search powers two weeks ago to intimidate the Citizen’s Constitutional Forum by searching their offices.  Khaiyum’s claim about the Qarase statement was made as Sec-Gen of the FF Party and then FICAC went into action like some personal police force.  What could be more corrupting than using the body which is supposed to fight corruption to attack political rivals?

Fiji Sun August 17, 2014  FICAC study comments

4 Responses to “Khaiyum’s private police force”

  1. aiyazfarkhismother Says:

    what the fark does an anti-corruption body have to do with racist comments?

  2. Karan Says:

    The former PM Qarase has a constitutional right to free speech – event this constitution which was imposed upon the people gives him the right.
    What exactly did he say that was so out of line that it has to be investigated.
    This is intimidation – trying to scare others from speaking up.

  3. losalini Says:

    it’s a wellknown fact that ISLAM 135 is an introduction course as can be found under

  4. bodyguard Says:

    Bai-Kai still have not answered the question, why start with 135? why not start at 111, 999, etc. Why 135?

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