The difference (Between Voreqe Bainimarama’s words and deeds)


Where is the equality of citizenry in this line-up?

The Fiji Sun is going all-out to attack SODELPA leader Ro Teimumu.  They’re boasting of Bainimarama’s commitment to “equal citizenry” under the name “Fijian” and ignoring the fact that after 7 years of total control of everything the RFMF is as mono-ethnic as ever. Ro Teimumu has been honest enough to admit that the iTaukei community places importance on their unique identity and their rights as landowners.  (What does iTaukei mean if doesn’t mean landowner?) What matters is that SODELPA has made clear their commitment to working cooperatively and constructively with parties representing other voters with different views of the name for our citizens.

Fiji Sun August 13 2014  The Difference (Between Vorreqe Bainimarama and Ro Teimumu)

2 Responses to “The difference (Between Voreqe Bainimarama’s words and deeds)”

  1. Karan Says:

    Race is a fact of life in Fiji – so lets reason along those lines.

    There is 65% support among Fijians in urban and peri urban for the reinstatement of the GCC. There was no survey for the rural areas where that other 50% of the Fijians live and the support for the GCC would be much higher. So let say about 75% of the Fijians support the restoration of the GCC.

    And the Fiji Times headline says, “Mixed Reaction to the GCC” – common Fiji Times – the headlines should have been “Overwhelming support for the GCC among the Fijians”

    Most of these Fijian have similar views on other things along the lines of SODELPA – you just need to work on this.

    On the other hand, 30% Indos in urban and peri urban areas support the restoration of the GCC – the percentage would probably be the same in the rural areas. And that is a positive sign – these 30% Indos historically voted with Fijian in the Alliance days.

    So you have a old style coalition – just like Mara put together. Only this time Mahen will deliver those votes.

    All we need is 25 seats plus a few more.

    Say SODELPA can get 22 seats ( unlike the other side which is betting on all 50).

    And Mahen and his boys can deliver another 6 seat. (I think they will get more).
    For Mahen to get the Indo votes, don’t scare them Indos – they should be told that they need to in with SODELPA coalition – and Mahen will look after their interest – as he always has.

    And just in case SODELPA does win 26 seats, they should not screw up Mahen and his crowd as Qarase did after the last election.

    There, you guys have a win in the election.

    As the great man said, “Can’t we all just get along?”….oh, that was Rodney King.


  2. Karan Says:

    The constitution also has this,

    “RECOGNISING the descendants of the indentured labourers from British India”.

    Yes, British India is different from India – right?

    The indentured labourers came from India – which happened to be under the British rule at that time.

    There are some among Fiji Indians, who would rather not be referred to as descendants of Indians…and of course Pakistan did not exist at that time.

    Thus we have “British” India.

    Guess whose idea was that.


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