Has Dakuidreketi a hope in hell

Keni Dakuidreketi was guilty of trying to help an NLTB joint venture succeed in upgrading the NLTB computer system so they could actually keep track of rents owed and rents paid and ensure landowners received rent on time.  There has been no evidence that he benefited personally from his actions. A range of witnesses testified how he worked hard to take himself from humble beginnings in the village and the hardships he went rhrough to succeed in life. Among the witnesses were two rugby greats, Ilaitia Tuisese and Dan Lobebendahn, but we can be sure that this will mean nothing.  Khaiyum has decreed he will go down and that’s all that matters.  This election is about nothing if it’s not about justice.


Fiji Live August 13, 2014  Character witnesses presented in the Dakuidreketi case

9 Responses to “Has Dakuidreketi a hope in hell”

  1. Sam Says:

    This was instigated by the cunning fox Mr. Ah Koy out of jealousy since the contract was given to Ballu Khan and not of him.

    During the first few weeks in 2006 or 2007 we could see him sticking beside Frank all the time during then was able to influence Frank to falsify a charge against the board. Clearly we can see there were no corruption involved. Mr. Bakani had to force himself to plead guilty due to his health and financial situation.

    Lest these cowards know that people are praying and God is listening and He has his timing where we will see suffering of these illegal cronies.

  2. Meli Vunivalu USA Says:

    Keni is an Indian, his father is Indian. Kai idia na Bokala

  3. Karan Says:

    Forget about this particular case, but don’t you think that after everything is said and done, and if you folks win the election – don’t you think there is need to really look into this and see what went on here with the Ballu Khan deal – there has always been corruption in Fiji – money that was supposed to go to the people, specially Fijian people, ended up in the hands of a few selected Fijians (the elite) and their businessmen friends (mostly Indians).
    This should not happen going forward – just in case the old guards win the election. It should not be business as usual if SODELPA wins this election.

  4. Paisa Says:

    maichod…what about the Bai and Kaiyum cronies conections worse now than before……pakala

  5. tom Says:

    Bottom line is did Keni put TLTB’s interest above everything?

    When Bakani pleaded quilty, Keni should have done the same.

  6. tualeita Says:

    Bakani had already pleaded guilty while Dakuidreketi pleaded not guilty. I think the judge had to quash the assessors’ finding of Dakuidreketi not guilty because Bakani’s guilty plea was a stronger piece of evidence to.

    If Bakani had pleaded not guilty, the assessors would have similarly assessed him as not guilty and the judge would have found it difficult in finding the both guilty.

    Just saying…

  7. Karan Says:

    Hey Paisa – my point was – that SODELPA folks may not be saints – but at thing time the choice is about the lesser of the two evils – so we go with SODELPA.

    We are in this doo-doo today, some of this has been our mistake too.

    Could you guys have not found a better chief of the armed forces then Bainimarama?

    Now next time you learn from this bad experience and have better judgment.

    There were of Ballu Khan types working with the previous regime. Speight would have sold off your Mahogany to some failed US businessman and cashed in big time. And Qarase ain’t no saint either.

    So my suggestion is, go win this election and then build a better Fiji. The Fijian people have been ripped of by their own folks for a very long time – from independence to now.

    Its time to rethink.

    But first thing first – let us win the election.


  8. anare Says:

    I had been there watching the case while the the judge was trying to justify his guilty verdict on Mr. Dakuidreketi. It sadly was not justified. There was no Abuse of Office for Personal Gain. Nothing! Just him mouthing off that the business was in a dire state but no money trail to show the court as to what his guilty verdict hinged on. All it showed was a judge reading from a script obviously provided to him by this regime. So sad, that this day has come, our judiciary system has also been compromised by this regime. Please I beg SODELPA once in power to look into this case and right the wrongs of this pathetic excuse for a government.

  9. Van Damme Says:

    Vinaka Karan………good analysis and balanced

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