Water and Hospitals now schools

The list of government facilities that have run down over the past 7 years is long and growing.  Taps without water, mothers being left to have babies on the hospital steps, now it is revealed our primary schools are sending students who can’t read to high school.  The removal of external examinations such as the Fiji Intermediate Examination, Fiji Eighth year Examination and the Fiji Junior Certificate has taken away important checks on what students have learnt.  Just think how much worse our mumbling PM would be if he hadn’t been forced to repeat fourth form to scrape by with a C Grade Fiji Junior.  The abolition of examinations was just a way of saving money, which disadvantages small and remote schools whose students will have trouble proving they’re up standard without external examinations.

Fiji Times August 12, 2014  Alarm over illiteracy

One Response to “Water and Hospitals now schools”

  1. tualeita Says:

    Too much money is going to the military. Also too much money is going to VB’s and ASK’s pockets.

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