Civil Servants have no power over Chinese companies

Chinese companies dredging a river to obtain gravel have been blamed for the wrecking of an entire river eco-system that villagers in Bua relied on for fish, prawns and eels.  Acting Commissioner Northern, Alipate Bolalevu, said the landowners agreed to the extraction of gravel from their river and rent is being paid, so there’s nothing he can do.  He said nothing about whether there was any environmental assessment and whether the company was sticking to conditions imposed.  We are too familiar with the way Frank gives the green light to Chinese companies and no-one can say anything.  Bolalevu has obviously been warned to shut or face the boot.

Fiji Times August 12 2014  Ecosystem destroyed


3 Responses to “Civil Servants have no power over Chinese companies”

  1. losalini Says:

    is this true? the People of Bua, especially Banikea, Kavula and Lekutu should not vote FijiFirst. If this illegal government does not care for its People during the last 8 years, then they will also not care in the future.

  2. dredd Says:

    The Chinese have bought out bai and his regime for everything that they are doing even though it may be detrimental to the country. This is what you get when you want unfettered access to huge loans which the Chinese have abundance of and the regime is heavily dependent on.

  3. Tomasi Says:

    Yes Dredd and Lo. Aid most often comes with strings attached. The question is what types of strings and who pulls them for what? Interesting times indeed, but perilous to be exact.

    Ruler-ship and leadership. These are two very different pieces of tavioka. They appear the same but are very different in nature and taste. The only thing we can thank Vorere for is giving us a clear example of what type of Government we should not ever have in Fiji. It is ruler-ship by morally deficient and mentally unstable thugs.

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