Tui Nadi thanks Bai for buying him

Bai hands over a few T shirts – can Tui Nadi really be bought for as little as this?

Tui Nadi is giving his support to Frank’s First Family Party, the Fiji Sun tells us, “for clearing the air for the audience with regards to some land issues”. He can’t say what those issues were or how Bai and Kai satisfied him so well, but we are expected to just take it at that.

Fiji Sun August 11, 2014  Chief Thanks PM and Gen-Sec for Clarity


9 Responses to “Tui Nadi thanks Bai for buying him”

  1. saunivalu Says:

    The curse of the land Denarau once owned by my family of the Yavusa saunivalu of sikituru Village, Nadi, Ba will chew them both up including their loved ones and spit them out. That i promise.

  2. Losalini Says:

    bought for a handfull of Dollars!. he obviously does not care for his fijian heritage, culture and land.

  3. Meli Vunivalu USA Says:

    Tui nadi SONA levu drau tautau vata ga kei na Bokala e voli iko qori

  4. Viri Na Bai Kei Viti Says:

    Mudrau – sa rauta mada na sova yaqona!

    • saunivalu Says:

      @ VIRIA NA BAI KEI VITI, Drau vosoti au, au sega ni dau gunu yaqona.., sega sega sara. Ia vei keda nai taukei, eda kila vinaka na ka e dau yaco me baleta na lawaki taki ni vei ka dina me baleti keda., Na noda qele, na noda i tutu vakavanua…Ia kevaka O susu madrai, o na sega sara ni kila na bibi ni noda I tuvatuva na I Taukei.. yalovinaka mo rai raraba me baleti ira na luvemu ena gauna sa sivi kei na gauna mai liu.. Qo na gauna me da veivaka dodonu taki kina. We are duty bound to clear the pathway for our future generation in order to live a fun filled and prosperous future…. Na noqu I tukutuku au vakaraitaka tiko kina na noqu kila ka me baleti ira na wekaqu, kei na noqu vanua o Nadi. Au vosa vaka doudou kina baleta ni matata vinaka vei au na noqu gaunisala… Na gaunisala kei na vakasama o vakacuruma mai qori e vakaraitaka vei au nio sega ni kila na ka mo tukuna ia o sa vei beitaki sara mai ena ka vaka tevoro… Me nomuni saka tiko na kalougata me ra bula vinaka saka na luvemuni kei ira na nomuni leweni vanua…

  5. saunivalu Says:

    VNBKV, Vinaka saka vaka levu, e sa savasava na noda vei dre vakasama.. Ni bula balavu na turaga, me nomuni saka na veikalougatataki mai cake.


    E Sa gauna tiko ni veiyavalati oqo, E dodonu me na vakaraitaki mai na ka dodonu. Nai tukuni mai ULUDA ni na yaco na vei ka kece oqo. Keimami sa kila tiko na veika oqo ia ena tekivu ena dua na vanua.Na kalou ga ena qai tukuna.

  7. Tomasi Says:

    SNV, WS kei kemudou na wekaqu. Let’s get together after the election and share our views and pray and work together for the betterment of our society and our whole nation. As I have shared through this and other blogsites, the future of this nation and our future as indigenous people are inseparable. These are not mutually exclusive issues and are so critical.

    The other point I have also tried to make is that we cannot depend on any political party or Government to determine for us our own future destiny. We the indigenous people of Fiji must be responsible for that and take that upon our shoulders. Qarase has spoken out against Au-yaz on messing with things that does not concern him, etc. As the indigenous people of our land, we must consider certain indigenous issues as our exclusive right and only we must decide that and not the Government or any other party or NGO, etc.

    We have very classic examples of cases where we have been exploited, victimised and unjustly treated by Governments past and present. Denarau is just one of the many instances of ownership/title decisions. Suvavou is another. There are others like Vaileka and Sigatoka. Thank you gentlemen for standing up for your rights and for speaking your minds even during such a challenging time as this. Vinaka

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