Bainimarama ‘loses’ it in NZ

You haven’t won an election yet, so you can’t call anyone a loser

When Bainimarama calls his political rivals ‘losers’ he showed us just what he’s made of.  He always forgets he holds power at the barrel of a gun.  He hasn’t yet won any election.  He’s spent 8 years having his own way on everything with all opposition crushed by thuggery.  His rivals have ‘lost’ nothing because they haven’t been able to compete until now.  The self-declared ‘winner’ revealed himself to be a coward when he ran away from questions asked by a free media.

Radio New Zealand 9 August 2014   Fiji PM calls his opponents ‘losers’


6 Responses to “Bainimarama ‘loses’ it in NZ”

  1. percy kean Says:

    Sona levu ga na Sona levu

  2. Lote Rabuku Says:

    You mean Cici Vakaitamera ?

  3. Losalini Says:

    bainimarama will be the biggest loser come sept.17th. i am just amazed how gullible some people are for supporting a dictator. These people live in nz and enjoying all its democratic freedom while they want fijians to be under dictatorial rule.

  4. marykeanmagaduka Says:

    just like when he dashed down the cassava patch with his big cici open wide and brown matter oozing out, scared the shit out of this pants.

  5. Karan S. Says:

    So whats the plan here folks – you think you can win this election with this Blogsite, Fiji Leaks, C 4.5 and Rajendra Chaudhry’s Facebook page, while the other side pays US$40K a month to Qorvis to manage their online and social media activities.
    Is their anyone out there with a plan…..or this is it, maybe it is too late.

  6. bimana Says:

    Sorry to let you all know that FF party will win the election. The support for NFP,FLP PDP and the other parties is below 5% except for sodelpa.

    The Tebbutt poll puts FF at 60%, and will the exclusion of parties below 5% threshold, FF will end up close to 75% of the seats.

    So, forget the fiji sun poll. The only way for FF to lose is that the opposition parties select only one set of 50 candidates not 300 candidates.

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