The dreams of the nice but dim Dr Jiko

The nice but dreamy Dr Jiko should stick to pulling teeth

Sally Round had an amazing interview with FrankFirst Token Woman and Puppet Party President Jiko Luveni.  Dr Jiko shared her thoughts and they are quite something. “I wanted to build in my mind, my dream, a headquarters for women”.  That’s right she dreams of her own palace, so she approached a Chinese company for help.  They said they would happily sponsor this in return for a fat contract with padded terms and conditions.  They told her “they would give us a grant, do it free of charge if they are given a project in Fiji, a big project where they can make a profit of a few million dollars”.  Alas for Dr Jiko such fat contracts are in the hands of only two of the FF party mebers, not the token President.  But here dreams live on.  “But because we were not able to do this, in fact I was in Poland last year, coming back in my mind, I said I just may not win the election and come back but this is a dream that is still on the shelf and I would like to have it happen”.  The dreamy Dr Jiko continues with her fantasy, completely unaware that she just mentioned that the Shanghai Construction Company offered her a bribe to get a fat contract without proper process.  But thank you Dr Jiko for giving us a clue about what happened with the Chinese built Housing Authority flats in Raiwaqa.

Radio NZ Dateline Pacific 5 August 2014  Fiji minister denies government vote-buying

4 Responses to “The dreams of the nice but dim Dr Jiko”

  1. siwa Says:

    OMG! look at what this idiot minister for women dreams of. A big complex to be HQ for women of Fiji!!

    Bu, sa rauta. Lako lai vakacegu, qaravi Tua kei ratou na makubumu.

    Don’t insult the intelligence of us women in Fiji with this type of silly, frivolous statements.

    You’re a disgrace!

  2. Losalini Says:

    At least the good doctor does not lie. Knowing what she knows about Bainimarama and Khaiyum’s secret deals, it must be hard for her to justify herself in front of her God.

  3. Vaqumi Says:

    The whole of Fiji has been bribed left right and centre by FF for since 2006…..Luveni cont to bribe with sewing machines…..
    Its a national tragedy that these ulukau butabutako people cannot separate right from wrong.

  4. korosi Says:

    jiko magalevu maga duka

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