So what about the RFMF?

Khaiyum was waxing lyrical about cultural mixing  in the west on Tuesday. “In Ba and many other areas of the west the cross-cultural mix particularly between iTaukei and Indon-Fijians has had a profound impact on racial and religious tolerance”. This is true but it’s no credit to him or Bainimarama.  This is the work of communities, not unelected thugs and bullies.  It takes leaders and public servants like the late Kishore Govind, Mayor, MP and Judge, for example.  What Khaiyum should explain is why the RFMF is still an iTaukei preserve with token Indo-Fijians and what he intends to do about it.  There are plenty of Indo-Fijians who would love to serve their country in the military but the stifling momo-cultural atmosphere makes this practically impossible.


Fiji Sun August 5, 2014  Why Ba, West tick

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