Saneem forced to admit the truth

Khaiyum made himself look like a Jackass

So, just like we said last week, ‘One’ does equal ‘First’.  They are actually two different words. The claim by Khaiyum that they had the same meaning was too much for Saneem to swallow.  How he talked his boss, Khaiyum, out of this we’ll never know, but this time common sense prevailed and Khaiyum’s Korrupt Klaim was denied.  Before the election is over we may yet get a ruling from Saneem that black is white or wrong is right, denying truth visible for all to see, but not this time.  Khaiyum has made a fool of himself by trying to force his own Supervisor of Elections to go along with a claim that anyone could see was false.

Fiji Live August 03 2014  Registrar admits error, endorses One Fiji


8 Responses to “Saneem forced to admit the truth”

  1. Karan SIngh Says:

    I think anyone who wants the GCC back, who wants the Qoliqoli Bill, wants Fijian name reserved for the indigenous folks, want God in the constitution – they are already voting for SODELPA.
    So why is SODELPA pushing those issues now – they can bring it all back when they win the election.

    What SODELPA needs now is the support of some Indo dominated parties so that they can together defeat FijiFirst.

    SODELPA as they are going now is actually convincing some of the undecided Indo voters to join the FijiFirst Camp – those who otherwise have voted for another party thus taking that vote away from FijiFirst.

    Does not make sense, does it. Putting your God in the constitution should not be a priority now…..getting the devil out is more important, God will take care of herself.

  2. Karan S. Says:

    Hey guys, do no under estimate the enemy. The people behind Saneen ain’t stupid, as some of you would want us to believe.
    Here, first they thought they could reject the registration of this One Fiji Party – a knee jerk reaction which, if they wanted, they could have pushed on with it and prevailed.

    Saneen did not have to admit his error – because there was none, and even if there was, what are you going to do about it.

    They figured out that it is in their interest to register One Fiji. All they will do is take away youth votes from Sodelpa.

    So look who is laughing now.

    Talking about One Fiji – what is need here is a One Opposition – a coalition that has a chance of defeating the FijiFirst.

    Smart move by Saneen and his advisors and the rest of the crowd have not figured it out yet.

  3. doko Says:

    Karan Singh those are the main issues SODELPA supporters are always raising with the party. In short, Fiji is more polarized than ever now. Taukei will cope with Fiji First if it wins, after eight years doing so, but that ethno-nationalistic feeling is stronger than ever. The military will cave in at some point and then all hell will break lose. Mark my words.

    Better for Indians to join SODELPA/NPF/FLP/One Fiji in fighting for these issues, which really do not entail or imply racial purge or action against Indians. Taukei are very forgiving people too, and this is one last chance to mend the rift between the two races for the future of Fiji. The perennial vilification of anything to do with taukei’s interests as racism, will only come to bear in a bloody manner in the near future if the forces that be work on addressing these issues constructively now.

    Any of these parties is better than this evil, vindictive and thieving regime.

  4. Karan S. Says:

    I am an outsider and was looking to see if there is master plan here. Why is SODELPA bringing up issues like God in the Constitution, the QOLIQOLI bill, the GCC etc. Is it to get Fijian votes – the Fijians who are leaning that way are already behind SODELPA – so that is preaching to the choir. Since a SODELPA government can always bring back the QOLIQOLI or call for amending the constitution, why bring it up now – First get out and win the election – this is not getting them any additional votes amongst the Fijian. On the other hand, it may push some voters into the arms of FF, those who otherwise would have voted for a political party who is sympathetic to SODELPA.

    SODELPA’s politics is working out great for FF.

    Lets stick to issues that either brings SODELPA more votes, or encourages others, who may not vote for SODELPA, to vote for parties other than FF, because everyone else seems to be willing to work with SODELPA except FF.

    The goal here is winning this election, the rest we can take care of later.

  5. Paul Madigan Says:

    I understand Saneem was going to do what the AG wanted until he sought grammatical advice from the former Sri Lankan school teacher and Acting President of Fiji, the Englishman Gates.

    With a dexterous flick of the wrist with his trusty corrections red pen, Gates was able to convince the AG that he was wrong. He handed the government memo back to the AG with a large “D -” inscribed in the top right hand corner.

    Frank and the AG took Gates’ advice to abrogate the Constitution in 2009. They are hardly going to stop seeking his wise counsel at this juncture.

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