Bainimarama’s 13 year plan for agriculture

FDN got it wrong about whether Seruiratu would get FijiFirst nomination but we did not get it wrong pointing out his admission that agricultural output has more than halved as a proportion of national income under the Bainimarama regime.  So what does Baini do? he promises a 5 year plan!  So what needs if we add the 8 years he’s already had is a 13 year plan.  Apparently his plan “incorporates hard-learned lessons from other developing countries around the world”.  What we want to know is what lessons he learned from the disaster of agriculture in Fiji under his rule.  Agriculture’s share of production has been more than halved. It’s not only sugar – it’s copra, rice, cocoa, beef, goats, fish and ginger.  Production of all of these have dropped under Bainimarama.  This was admitted by his own Minister.


Radio Fiji 2 August 2014  Fiji launches first ever Agricultural Policy

One Response to “Bainimarama’s 13 year plan for agriculture”

  1. vudinijaina Says:

    Bai oqo Na gauna mo Sa dabeca kina e dua na vudi,se dua na via sivi.😁

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