Seruiratu admits some embarrassing facts


Out of luck – one military man too many, so no invite for you

Frank loves to keep people waiting.  Just over three weeks ago FDN reported that Inia Seruiratu was being kept waiting for his invite to join the FrankFirst candidates list.  Last Friday Frank announced his first batch of candidates.  No Seruiratu! Then we learned that Tikoduadua and two military buddies now serving as Commissioners were resigning after their invites arrived. Now Seruiratu has wasted no time in throwing down the gauntlet.  He’s made some blunt statements that put his head on the chopping block. He’s revealed that 4000 farmers whose land leases have been renewed are still sitting on idle land.  He also revealed that agriculture’s contribution to national income has dropped from 20% to 9% under Bainimarama. That’s a drop of more than half.  He’s also said bluntly that not enough is being done and what’s more he’s said this as the interim Minister under Bainimarama.  Will he be sacked?  Or will he get his endorsement as a FrankFirst candidate to shut him up.  Unlike any other party, this will not be a decision made by any kind of democratic process within the party.  It will be the dictator’s call.  Frank has probably been told that Seruiratu would be one military candidate too many but Frank hasn’t told him.  Seruiratu should resign and seek nomination from a party that will consider him as a candidate via a proper process.

Fiji Times Jul 31, 2014  4000 farmers ‘idle’

Fiji Times Jul, 31 2014 Agriculture contribution drops

Seruiratu still waiting for his invite July 7, 2014


6 Responses to “Seruiratu admits some embarrassing facts”

  1. Fijian Says:

    I think Seruiratu was a better choice than that online PHD master brijlal who cant even talk.

  2. josh Says:

    Epeli Nailitikau is merely wasting our hard earned taxes doing those frivolous trips everywhere at government’s expense This hopeless idiot doesn’t even have an iota of conscience to responsibly decline such trips and attend to more urgent matters at home. Sa rauta na mada na namuta tiko na matanitu, Ratu Boci. Caititukamu.

  3. joe black Says:

    Inia- no brain- stop the sugar bullshit

    you have done nothing in your time as dictator and only sckd manasa and vili

    no one will vote for ur bull shit

  4. Moce QVS Club Says:

    Qiliho – ra sona levu tamata lasai tuba caiti rau na tucake tu qori e liu……sona kai viti sona lelevu dina

  5. bimaaaan Says:

    What crap, inia is already in the first list of 21. Pls check

  6. stormbreaker Says:

    Inia…and all others will have to stand trial for their part in the murdering and torturing of innocent civilians …THE IDES OF MARCH IS NIGH!!

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