Jyoti Pratibha at it again

Jyoti Pratibha, Fiji Sun’s Rumour Monger in Chief, is at it again.  She’s predicting a “new weekly national newspaper” which will “focus on in-depth coverage”.  And she’s also predicting “the first issue could be out before the elections and focus on two explosive issues – National Bank of Fiji and the 2000 coup”.  Really?  Will it mention Frank First candidates who owed money to the NBF, or will it be selective?  Will it mention the role of Inoke Kubuabola asnd Jim Ah Koy in the 2000 coup?  Will it mention the facts indicating that Bainimarama ignored warnings about the coup and sought to use the chaos he allowed to develop to serve his own ends?

4 Responses to “Jyoti Pratibha at it again”

  1. nbf manager Says:

    Has big mouth fat belly and tell lies Mick Bed Dose paid his nbf loans? This man speaks of ethics, good governance but has not paid his loan for over 15 years.

    Is the story of stealing someone elses wife also true? Can someone confirm?

  2. jone Says:

    Any Fiji times continues to give one side of the story. Even its reporters can’t add putting the crowd at sukuna park at 500 instead of 5000.

    NFP’s kamal ear and Beman are licking some of their reporters to get more coverage, even more than sodelpa.

    Can someone ask Beman to tell us of his relationship with Shiu Raj of Forum Secretariat and how much contracts was offered to him in the past 5 years? Also, Shiu is an anti fiji govt guy who goes bad mouthing fiji. He is the most incompetant deputy at forum and treats staff as slaves.

  3. Forum staff Says:

    Shiu is a conman. He does not follow procedures. He is racist like his kai? Ask Beman how many itaukei he took under his leadership and the answer is he took more indo fijians from Labasa

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